Abused Dog, Rex, Has The Pawfect Siblings To Help Him Overcome Anxiety

Abused Dog, Rex, Has The Pawfect Siblings To Help Him Overcome Anxiety

A touching moment unfolded when a Reddit user shared a video of how Huxley the Shih Tzu and Winnie the deaf white dog comforted their anxious dog sibling, Rex. This heartwarming show of canine camaraderie demonstrated that empathy and support know no bounds within the animal kingdom.

Rex, an English/French Mastiff mix, suffers from anxiety-related behavior due to a distressing upbringing surrounded by abusive owners. Despite their own challenges, both Huxley and Winnie instinctively knew how to care for their big brother in a moment of need. The powerful bond between these furry siblings serves as a heartening reminder of the healing power of love, companionship, and understanding.

From Abusive Owners To Loving Paws

According to a study conducted by the University of Helsinki, in Finland, dogs are prone to a wide range of anxiety-like traits, particularly when they are abused throughout their upbringing. The survey data revealed that 72.5% of 13,715 pet dogs from Finland exhibited anxiety-like behaviors.

Rex, a dog with a tragic past, had a difficult start in life. His second owners mistreated him – resorting to beatings and shock collars. This torment led Rex to develop fears of loud noises, clapping, brooms, and more. They even considered euthanizing him due to his “aggressive behavior.”

Rex went to a third family, who tried their best to help. Unfortunately, he struggled with resource guarding, fear, and aggression – consequences of the trauma he had suffered. Unable to adapt, Rex moved on to his fourth and current owner. Rex was 1.5 years old when he joined his new family, who has spent the last 2.5 years rehabilitating him.

“With anxiety, the dog generally wants nothing to do with whatever it’s scared of, and will try to get out of that situation as quickly as it can,” the owner told Newsweek. “He was my first dog post-divorce, when I was single, so we kind of helped each other a lot.”

Rex has come a long way and made significant progress since joining his new family. Though he still exhibits anxious behaviors, he can now interact with his dog and human siblings, forging new bonds and healing old wounds.

Rex is anxious so his siblings try and take care of him. (OC)
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Bound By Love

The story of Rex, Winnie, and Huxley is one of love and companionship that has captured the hearts of many. In the video, Rex, a dog with anxiety, is comforted by his sibling dogs, Huxley and Winnie[^1^]. The trio has formed an unbreakable bond, helping each other overcome various challenges they face.

“I can’t tell you how much this information sparks joy in me. Winnie, Rex, and Huxley are some of my current favorite people. Oh, and you’re pretty awesome, too, for giving these wonderful dogs a happy home,” commented one Reddit user.

  • Huxley, a fearless Shih Tzu puppy, loves everyone and is delighted to be a part of this loving family.
  • Winnie, the white dog, is deaf. She relies on Rex for support and follows him everywhere.
  • Rex is vocal and sometimes growls when scared, but Winnie’s inability to hear him results in her accepting and loving him unconditionally.

Rex helps Winnie in return by being her “ears” and assisting her in understanding their surroundings. The love and support between these three dogs have played a significant role in Rex’s recovery and brought him out of his shell[^2^]. Their unique bond has touched many people online, garnering almost 21k upvotes on Reddit.

“I’ve always said I’m really lucky to have such a cool dog,” the owner said.

These extraordinary dogs have truly found the perfect family, full of love and understanding, allowing them to thrive together.

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