Shelter Dog Sneaks Out Nightly To Snuggle With Nursing Home Residents

Scout, a dog from Antrim County Animal Shelter in Michigan, had a habit of disappearing at night. His destination was always the same, a nursing home across the street. Scout didn’t just visit once. He kept returning, as if he was saying, “This is where I belong.”

Scout’s journey wasn’t easy. He scaled fences and braved a highway to get to Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility. Once inside, he’d find a cozy leather couch and sleep.

The staff at the nursing home sent him back to the shelter at first. But Scout’s determination changed their minds. They saw how happy he was and made him a permanent resident.

Jennifer Martinek of Meadow Brook said, “He chose us.” Stephanie Elsey, a clinical coordinator, agreed. Scout became more than a resident. He turned into a loving caregiver, especially to those with serious illnesses and dementia.

A resident shared, “Scout’s very happy here.” He brings comfort when things go wrong. The Meadow Brook team says, “He completes our family.”

Scout’s past was tough, with an abusive former home. But now, he’s a beloved part of the nursing home. His love for the elderly is clear, though no one knows why. What’s certain is that Scout has found his place. He’s a true caregiver at heart, and he’s exactly where he’s meant to be.