Shelter’s Longest Resident Loses It At Her Surprise 1,000th Day Celebration

Shelter’s Longest Resident Loses It At Her Surprise 1,000th Day Celebration

Two years prior, the team at the Humane Educational Society (HES) received a stray dog who was distinct from their usual residents.

Named Arizona, this lively boxer-pit mix immediately caught the staff’s attention. Initially, she seemed guarded, cautious around new people and other dogs. Walking on a leash wasn’t her forte, and she had a penchant for tearing apart anything toy-like.

Yet, beneath her rugged exterior lay a gentle soul, and her newfound family at HES was committed to revealing her loving nature.

The HES behavior team recognized her potential but also knew she required considerable training before finding her ideal forever home,” HES shared on Facebook. “After several months of intensive training and commitment, Arizona has become a top performer in dog obedience and behavior modification!”

With obedience training, Arizona regained her confidence, turning into a loving canine eager to display her talents in a permanent home.

However, there was a hitch: No one seemed ready to take in this misunderstood dog.

Krista Stein, a volunteer at HES, grew fond of Arizona and chose to foster her. In Stein’s care, Arizona continued to flourish, enjoying treats, toys, and affection. However, Stein couldn’t provide a permanent home for her.

Thus, after a nurturing foster period, Arizona had to return to her kennel at HES.

While numerous HES dogs found their forever homes, Arizona was still waiting.

Time passed, and Arizona became the longest-standing resident at HES. The staff vowed to make each day memorable for her, including fun in a kiddie pool and playtime with dog companions.

But her reaching a significant landmark called for an even grander celebration.

“Arizona has now been at the shelter for 1,000 days,” announced HES on Facebook. “Despite this disheartening figure, we chose to celebrate this day, showering her with all her favorite treats and activities!”

To demonstrate their affection, the HES staff arranged a surprise filled with Arizona’s most loved things.

From bouncing balls and doggy ice creams to lake outings and peanut butter treats, Arizona’s 1,000th day was filled with all her favorite activities. Her joy was unmistakable.

You can see her 1,000th day festivity here:

Arizona’s special day at the shelter was undoubtedly the highlight of her life so far, but the HES team believes better days are ahead.

She hasn’t found a permanent home yet, but the team is confident that it’s just a matter of time before she captures someone’s heart.

“This adorable, goofy girl, brimming with love, is longing for her own family,” HES stated. “A family that appreciates her wonderful nature and helps her grow into her best self!”