‘Skeleton’ Dog Was Days Away From Being Euthanized, Then A Miracle Happened

Skeleton Dog Transforms Miraculously Days Before Euthanasia, Finding Joy and a New Life

Harlow, a Weimaraner, has become a beaming symbol of hope and resilience. Her journey, fraught with challenges, showcases the remarkable bond between a dog and her owner, Alana. Battling against the harshest of circumstances, Harlow emerged not just as a survivor but as an emblem of sheer determination and unwavering spirit.

“There’s always light at the end of the tunnel,”

is a sentiment that echoes profoundly through Harlow’s story. While she navigated the twists and turns of fate, it’s her transformation from a “skeleton” dog to a joyous canine companion that truly captures hearts. Stay tuned as we unravel the layers of Harlow and Alana’s extraordinary tale.

Harlow’s Condition

In 2021, Harlow, a cherished Weimaraner, experienced a concerning decline in health. The dog, beloved by Alana and her family, began to lose weight at an alarming rate. Despite consuming ample food, Harlow’s condition worsened, leaving her skeletal structure painfully visible through her coat.

“We could see every rib, every vertebrae, all the bones in her legs. It didn’t matter how much we fed her,” Alana expressed in an interview with The Dodo.

Medical interventions, including extensive veterinary examinations and numerous tests, failed to uncover the culprit behind her weight loss. Harlow’s resilience, however, remained unaffected. She continued to display joy and participate eagerly in play, a testament to her undiminished spirit.

“Despite all that Harlow was going through, she never lost her spark,” Alana says.

Alana’s concern grew as Harlow’s vitality seemed to be in jeopardy. The family faced the difficult reality that their time with Harlow might be limited as her health continued to fade. Yet, even in the face of her troubling condition, Harlow maintained her vivacious character.

The Mystery Finally Resolved

Harlow’s family was preparing for a heartbreaking farewell, planning a final weekend filled with their beloved pet’s favorite things. But a sudden call from Dr. Amy Lam turned despair into hope.

Dr. Lam diagnosed Harlow with chronic neutrophilic enteritis, an uncommon type of IBD in dogs. She suggested an unexpected remedy: a vegetarian diet. To everyone’s astonishment, Harlow’s condition improved instantly after switching to the new diet.

“This little girl well and truly fought into remission. To say her veterinary team are absolutely amazing would be a huge understatement – they are forever heroes in my eyes,” Alana shared.

Following this change, all of Harlow’s troubling symptoms ceased. She not only regained her health but also her spirit.

  • Before the diet change:

    • Total lethargy
    • Illness
    • Loss of appetite
    • Frequent emergency visits
  • After the diet change:

    • Rapid recovery
    • Symptom cessation
    • Healthy weight gain
    • Chronic disease index scored zero

Currently, Harlow cherishes every day, her family’s relief is palpable as they watch her joyful embrace of life. Truly, Harlow has left her darker days in the distance, a testament to the possibilities of love and dedicated veterinary care.