Security Camera Captures What Dog Gets Up To The Moment Her Parents Leave Home

Sneaky Dog Outsmarts Owners With Secret Pool Party Every Time They Leave Home

This is the story of Megan, a resourceful and clever dog who doesn’t let anything stand in the way of her greatest love – swimming.

Megan’s affinity for water began at a young age. She was fortunate enough to have a home in Brazil with a pool, which she considered her personal aquatic haven.

However, her family found having a constantly drenched dog somewhat less than ideal.

Breno Leite, Megan’s human, implemented a preventive measure. “I ended up installing a barrier around the pool because she was using it too frequently,” he shared with The Dodo.


Megan perceived the new fence as a challenge rather than a restriction. She didn’t interpret it as a sign to stay out of the pool but rather as a cue to be more discreet in her swimming escapades.

Footage from the family’s security camera revealed Megan’s cunning strategy: she simply waited until her family left the house.


Megan managed to avoid being caught in the act upon her parents’ return. However, she couldn’t entirely conceal her secret activities.

“When I returned, I found her wet and couldn’t figure out why,” Leite recalled. “After checking the security footage, I realized she had meticulously planned her pool time.”


While it’s generally advisable to supervise dogs while they swim, Megan’s proficiency as a swimmer alleviates safety concerns. Nevertheless, it appears that Megan’s determination is unstoppable – her family’s efforts to curb her pool usage proved futile.

Reflecting on the situation, Leite admitted, “My investment in the fence wasn’t the wisest. She just waits for me to leave before executing her plan. She really loves that pool.”