Stray Pittie Follows A Man Home And Stays There – Furever

Stray Pittie Follows A Man Home And Stays There – Furever

No one enjoys the sensation of being watched, right? That eerie feeling of someone stealthily trailing behind you, observing you, is downright uncomfortable. It’s something I hope none of us ever have to endure. However, there was one instance where being tailed turned out to be quite benign. I would volunteer any day to have a four-legged pal follow me home!

That is exactly what transpired with one individual in St. Louis. After disembarking a bus and heading towards his residence, he noticed that a dog from the bus stop had begun to follow him!

Here is the tale of Orville, the stray, who wandered right into a man’s life and secured himself a joyful conclusion.

Sir, You’re Being Followed

Bus journeys are seldom enjoyable but the relief of stepping off at your stop. Right when a man got to his local bus stop, he noticed a dog sitting there patiently, as if awaiting someone’s return. Little did he know, that someone would be him!

After exchanging pleasantries with the dog, alongside a few strokes and kind words, the man walked away and didn’t turn back.

But not long afterward, a nagging suspicion made him look behind. Something seemed off. It struck him that he might not be alone!

Turning around, the man spotted the same canine from the station, now in his front yard. The dog had evidently been following him all this time!

The stray didn’t exhibit any fear, so the man invited him into his yard. Although the dog seemed to have an owner somewhere, his poor condition was obvious. Without hesitation, the man reached out to Stray Rescue of St. Louis for aid.

When Donna and Natalie from the rescue team showed up, they expected to face an aggressive, scared, and mistrustful animal. Instead, they were welcomed by the dog with an enthusiastic, friendly demeanor.

“He immediately radiated love from the moment we met,” Donna remarked. “Adding a leash was effortless, and he followed us without any problems.”

Naming him Orville, the team discovered he was a very friendly pup looking for love and attention. He jumped into the team’s Jeep and happily claimed the passenger seat!

“He spent most of the ride next to Natalie and me, just being this joyous pup,” Lochmann mentioned.

At the SRSL Vet Hospital

Orville’s disposition remained unchanged even at the SRSL vet clinic! The dog was ecstatic to be surrounded by many caring individuals. With a beaming smile, Orville walked up to each person, knowing intuitively that things would only get better.

The veterinary team took great care of Orville, cleaning his wounds and providing him with a cozy kennel to recover from his time on the streets.

Orville was a rambunctious three-year-old Pittie with a strong constitution. It was evident that with the support of SRSL, Orville would soon gain back his weight and grow in confidence!

So, Where’s The Happy Ending?

I assure you, there’s definitely a joyous resolution!

Orville was taken in back in April of 2023. His recovery went smoothly, yet he hadn’t been adopted out. Nonetheless, the team at Stray Rescue of St.Louis remained optimistic, believing the perfect family would come for Orville.

And, as hoped for, that day did arrive!

June 10th marked a turn in Orville’s fate as he was adopted. He spent nearly two months in the shelter, awaiting his promised new beginning.

Blessed with a new human mom, dad, and baby sibling, Orville was ready to experience true freedom and the sweetness of being part of a family!