6-Week-Old Puppy Dumped In A Dark Cardboard Box In Front Of A Local Shelter

Tiny Puppy Abandoned in a Dark Box Outside a Local Shelter

All creatures, especially dogs, deserve loving homes where they feel safe and cherished. Unfortunately, some owners fail these loyal and beautiful animals by abandoning them without a second thought.

In this heart-wrenching tale, we’ll share the story of Gibbs, a charming six-week-old puppy who experienced abandonment firsthand. One night, he was left alone in a dark cardboard box at a shelter’s doorstep.

Frightened and alone, he cried out, hoping for someone to rescue him.

Unearthing a Little Surprise

Finding A Tiny Surprise

In an unexpected twist of fate, a shelter worker in Orangeburg, South Carolina, returned to the shelter late at night, having forgotten something. To their astonishment, they found a cardboard box marked ‘small’ on a bench near the entrance.

Just as they were about to investigate, cries from the box reached their ears. Opening it, they were met with the sweetest puppy eyes gazing up at them.

they were surprised

There, inside the box, was a puppy with a look of hope and sadness. The staff member immediately brought him in, providing food and care. They named the puppy Gibbs, who felt relieved to be safe and cared for.

Transition to a Foster Home

Moving To A Foster Home

The next day, the shelter shared the story of the abandoned puppy on Facebook. When Eunoia Rescue in Charleston, South Carolina, saw the post, they were compelled to take in the adorable little puppy.

Upon first seeing him, they were heartbroken and shocked that anyone could abandon such a precious creature. They bathed him, treating him for fleas and worms, and found that apart from these issues, he was in good health. Gibbs was showered with affection and cuddles at his new temporary home.

Gibbs then moved to a foster home where he thrives, enjoying love and care.

“He LOVES other dogs, and despite his small size, he’s full of energy, playing with his foster siblings. He’s happy, healthy, and just awaiting his neutering before finding his forever home,” said Eunoia Rescue.

I’m thrilled that Gibbs was saved by kind-hearted individuals. He’s sure to find a loving family and the forever home he rightfully deserves.