Diapered Toddler Comforts Frightened Golden Retriever During Thunderstorm

Toddler in Diapers Cuddles Scared Puppy During Thunderstorm

So, there was this Golden Retriever puppy, totally spooked by a thunderstorm. You know how dogs sometimes just can’t handle loud noises, right? This little guy was no exception. He went hiding in the laundry room, all curled up next to the dryer, trying to find some peace.

But here’s the cutest part. The family’s toddler, in nothing but a diaper, found the scared puppy. What did the little one do? Just sat right next to the dog, giving all sorts of cuddles, pats, and hugs. Even tried to comfort the pup with sweet words. It’s heart-melting, really. There’s this adorable one-minute video on Twitter showing this whole scene, and dog lovers are just loving it!

Check out the video to see this adorable duo. They’re totally going to be BFFs for life!

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