No One Wanted The ‘Odd Man Out’ German Shepherd Puppy, Until One Day Someone Did

Unwanted Puppy Finds His Forever Home and Adventure Buddy

So, Dee Michaels shared this heartwarming story, and you’ve just got to hear it. It’s about this guy, Scott, who had recently lost his German Shepherd and was feeling pretty low.

One day, he’s driving through this little town in Payette, Idaho, and spots a sign for German Shepherd puppies. He thought he’d swing by for some puppy cuddles, with no plans to adopt. But, you know how life has its surprises, right? That’s when Biggie comes into the picture.


Biggie was the one pup nobody seemed to want because he had a hernia and was a bit different from his siblings. But when he and Scott met, it was like they were meant for each other. And that’s where their incredible journey starts.


Scott decided Biggie deserved the world, so off they went on all sorts of adventures. We’re talking open fields, mountain hikes, snow frolics, and lake swims – Biggie was living the dream!


There was a scary moment when Biggie ended up in the ICU, but Scott never gave up on his furry friend. Thankfully, Biggie bounced back, and they continued their adventures. Scott sums it up perfectly in their video, saying, “If you give your dog the best life you can, in turn, you have the best life that you can have as well.” Isn’t that just beautiful?

Check out their heartwarming story in the video below. And don’t forget to share this inspiring tale with friends and family!