Veteran Tried Selling His Car To Buy His Dogs Back, But Woman Made Him Cry

Vietnam Vet’s Emotional Reunion with His Dogs, Thanks to Kind Strangers

So, there’s this Vietnam vet, James Pack, who went through a tough time. He had a heart attack and ended up in the hospital for a while. His two dogs, Bailey and Blaze, were taken in by the First State Animal Center and SPCA, which is inside a PetSmart in Newark, Delaware. They were supposed to be a temporary stay until James got better.


When James finally got out of the hospital, he headed straight to the shelter to get his dogs. But he hit a snag – the shelter had a policy of putting animals up for adoption if the owner couldn’t reclaim them in time. Even though Bailey and Blaze were still there, James couldn’t afford the $250 adoption fee.


James was strapped for cash after his hospital stay and even thought about selling his car to get the money. But then, something amazing happened. The shelter staff heard about his situation and started chipping in, bit by bit, until they had the whole fee.


The video of what happened next is a tear-jerker. James walks into the PetSmart, not knowing what’s coming. When the staff tell him about Bailey and Blaze, he’s just overwhelmed with emotion. It’s a beautiful reunion and a moment that’ll make you believe in the goodness of people.

Check out the video to see James’ emotional reunion with his dogs.