Heroic Puppy Dives In Water To Save Drowning Cat, Piggybacks Her To Safety

WATCH: Puppy Turns Lifeguard to Save a Cat in Distress, Proves Dogs and Cats Can Be Allies

You’ve got to hear this incredible story I came across. So, there’s this long-held belief that cats and dogs are always at odds, right? But, man, this video I saw totally flips that idea on its head!


There was this woman walking by a river in Turkey, and she spots something unbelievable. A cat was struggling in the water, and a dog was right there, ready to jump in and help. The woman thought she’d have to rescue the cat herself, but before she could even move, this brave dog dives into the water.

The dog swims out to the cat, who’s reaching out to him, and somehow manages to get her onto his back. He then paddles back to shore, carrying the cat to safety. The dog struggles a bit to get out of the water, but both of them make it back to dry land safely.


This video started making the rounds on social media, and it really got people talking. Some were criticizing the woman for filming instead of helping, calling her shallow. But others thought she did the right thing, letting the animals figure it out and showing how they can problem-solve.


So, what do you think? Should the woman have jumped in, or was filming the right call? Either way, that dog’s heroics are something to behold.

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