What Does It Mean when A Guy Asks for A Kiss on The Cheek

What Does It Mean when A Guy Asks for A Kiss on The Cheek?

Guys sometimes ask for strange things.

You might think that’s just how guys are, but there’s actually meaning behind it all!

For example, when guys ask for a kiss on the cheek.

Why do they do that?

Of course, girls like to make their guys happy, but we don’t want to do everything they ask for!

So, what does it mean when a guy asks you to kiss him on the cheek? When a guy asks for a kiss on the cheek, he’s trying to increase intimacy with you by showing his affection. It’s the first step toward something more serious, such as a kiss on the lips, or in some cases, making out.

However, this behavior can mean different things depending on the guy.

Therefore, in this post, we’ll go over the most common reasons why guys ask for kisses on the cheek.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Asks for A Kiss on The Cheek?

Below are the most common reasons why a guy does this.

He Thinks You’re Cute

The first possible reason is that he finds you extremely cute.

If the guy went to the trouble of asking for a kiss on the cheek, he might as well go on and kiss you on your lips, or even do more.

But, since he might be too shy to make the first move, or because it’s inappropriate in the place where you are, he thinks of asking for a kiss on the cheek as a shortcut.

He’s Intimidated by You

What Does It Mean when A Guy Asks for A Kiss on The Cheek

On the other hand, it might be that he’s intimidated by your beauty.

He thinks so highly of you that he can’t even speak, or is afraid to make the first move.

If this is the reason, then he wants to make sure he doesn’t say anything stupid to you, so he asks for a kiss on the cheek instead.

This is a safer option for him.

Basically, there’s almost no risk involved, so it’s worth a shot.

He Really, Really Likes You

Most guys who ask for this are really into you.

As in, he likes you so much that he always finds himself thinking about you.

Even when you’re not around, he’s still thinking of kissing you.

He might not be thinking of anything else, but he still wants to get a kiss from you.

The guy is almost desperate to try and kiss you, even if it’s just on the cheek.

He Wants to Test the Waters

The guy could also be testing the waters to see how you feel about him.

Maybe he’s not confident that you like him and wants to find out if it’s worth it for him to act on his feelings.

If you say no, then there’s no chance to start anything at all.

So instead of possibly looking stupid while asking you for a kiss on the lips, he asks for a kiss on the cheek.

It’s The First Step Towards A Real Kiss

What Does It Mean when A Guy Asks for A Kiss on The Cheek

Don’t be surprised if the guy wants to follow up with a real kiss after a couple of days.

After all, he likes you enough that he wants to move on from kissing on the cheek.

It’s his way of saying he wants to go on a date with you or be closer to you.

He’s trying to break the ice, and for some guys, the first step is asking for a kiss on the cheek.

It’s A Sign of Friendship

To some guys, it’s just a sign of friendship.

If the guy is not looking for anything serious, then he might ask you for this.

Although most of the time, a kiss on the cheek is an expression of love, some guys just see it as a sign of friendship.

To them, asking someone for a kiss on the cheek is no different from offering to buy that person dinner.

However, there’s a chance that the guy might try to take it further if he sees an opportunity.

So be careful of how you respond.

He’s Nervous and

If a guy doesn’t have much experience in the dating world, it’s possible that he’s too nervous to ask for a kiss on the lips.

However, he might not be able to keep his feelings bottled up any longer, so he asks for a kiss on the cheek as the next best thing.

Basically, you’ll need to guide him towards your lips if you want to kiss him on the lips.

He Respects You

Nice guys tend to ask for a kiss on the cheek as a way of showing respect.

He might want to wait before he asks for a more intimate type of kiss.

He doesn’t want to rush things, so he asks you for a kiss on the cheek instead.

Nice guys are afraid of making girls feel uncomfortable, and this is one way of doing it.

Or he might be trying to make you comfortable because he knows how shy and sensitive you can get.

Why Would a Guy Ask for A Kiss On The Cheek?

A guy will ask for a kiss when he’s not confident enough to simply just kiss you.

Maybe he knows that you’re not ready, or the timing isn’t right.

So instead of trying to move forward without knowing what you’ll do, he asks for a kiss on the cheek.

Basically, it’s just an easy way for him to get close to you without risking anything.

He’s trying to test the waters before deciding whether or not to make a move.

And he might be using this as a way of protecting himself.

If he gets rejected, then it won’t affect him much because the kiss was on the cheek.

Consider His Personal Taste

Some guys like to kiss on the cheek as a way of showing affection and love.

To them, it’s normal and nothing out of the ordinary.

Consider his personal taste.

If you’ve recently met, or if this is your first date, then it’s best to keep the kisses limited to the cheek.

However, if you’re with a guy who has already kissed you on the cheek before, then it’s safe to assume that he wants more.

Consider Your Relationship

How long have you been with the guy?

Are you comfortable enough to show affection without going all out?

If you’re still at the early stages of your relationship, then it’s best to keep things simple.

Don’t let your imagination run wild.

You could end up losing the guy if you try to move forward too quickly.

See Where Things Go from Here

If you feel comfortable, then it’s time to consider going a little further.

For instance, you could place your hand on his shoulder while giving him a kiss on the cheek.

This will hint to the guy that you’re ready to take things a little further.

Or, if he’s really interested in going on a date with you then he’ll get the hint and ask you out on one.

You could even make a move, but make sure to play it safe.

See where things go before you make any drastic decisions.

Final Thoughts

This post should let you know what it means when a guy asks for a kiss on the cheek.

Just like with most things in life, every situation is different and you’ll need to consider your personal relationship with the guy before you make any decisions.

If you’re still not sure, then it’s best to ask him for clarification.

Or, if you have some friends who are more experienced with dating, then consider getting their opinion.

This is the best way to make an informed decision when it comes to something like this.

Some guys will go for a kiss on the cheek because it’s more convenient or easier to do, rather than on the lips where things can quickly escalate.

It might mean that he really likes you, but doesn’t want to risk making things awkward between the two of you.