What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Doll

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Doll?

If a guy calls you doll, you’re probably wondering what that means.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

We all get confused when a guy uses a nickname for us because it’s unclear what his intentions are about the relationship.

Some guys might use a nickname to be sweet or playful, while others could actually mean that they want to date you.

Let’s explore the different meanings behind this simple term and figure out what it means if he calls you doll!

So, what does it mean when a guy calls you doll? When a guy calls you doll it’s because he finds you attractive and is interested in getting to know you better. This term of endearment is often a sign that he might be flirting with you or see you as more than just a friend.

But, since it can mean so many different things, you’ll need to pay attention to his actions in order to determine if he’s interested in you.

So let’s dive into all the different meanings behind this nickname!

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Doll?

So, let’s explore the first meaning of this term…

He Just Thinks You’re Pretty

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Doll

He may be thinking that you look like a doll because your features are delicate and perfectly symmetrical.

Or, he could just think you look like a pretty little doll.

He might even admire your personality and think of you as a doll because you’re a soft-spoken person who always knows how to handle a situation, like Barbie!

Either way, this means that he thinks you’re attractive and sweet like a doll.

He Likes You As A Friend

The second meaning is that he might think you’re like a doll because he thinks of you as just a friend.

Even though this term is usually only used by guys who are romantically interested in you, it can also mean that he only sees you as a friend.

He might think of you like a doll because your personality is sweet, innocent, and kind.

He’s just being nice when he calls you a doll or a Barbie!

Although not entirely romantic, there may be a hint of flirting in his tone if he calls you doll.

However, this term is usually used by guys who see you as only a friend and not someone romantically interested in you.

He Wants To Date You

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Doll

Have you thought about the possibility that this term of endearment means that a guy might actually want to date you?

In this case, he thinks of you as his “doll” because he’s interested in you romantically.

Even though it seems like a simple nickname, this term has so much meaning behind it!

Guys often call girls a doll because it makes them feel special and shows that he cares about them.

You’re likely girlfriend material to him if he calls you doll!

He’s Joking Around

Though not as common, a guy might call you doll because he likes to tease you.

In this case, he isn’t necessarily serious about dating you or even seeing you romantically.

He’s just having fun with the term of endearment!

Still, if he calls you doll it means that he finds you attractive and thinks you’re special.

But, unless he’s flirting with you or making it obvious that he wants to date you, then the term doll probably doesn’t mean anything more than a joke.

He’s Feeling Vulnerable

Did you know that some guys who feel vulnerable will call a girl doll because it’s a way to express their feelings?

In this case, he might be going through something difficult and needs someone to comfort him.

He might be feeling empty or lost because he’s having trouble making decisions in his life.

So, if he calls you doll it means that he needs your support.

Having someone who understands him and cares about him is really important to guys when they’re going through tough times.

So, if he calls you doll it’s because he has feelings for you and likes being around you!

Or, he might just be feeling vulnerable due to his problems.

Like I already said, the term doll can have so many different meanings!

What’s important is that you figure out which one of these scenarios best describes the relationship between the two of you.

If there isn’t a clear answer, then it’s probably best to ask him what he means when he calls you doll.

You don’t want to get your hopes up that a guy could potentially date you unless he’s flirting or being obvious about it!

But, if there’s a chance that he likes you then it’s probably best to talk to him and see what he means by the term doll.

You might be surprised by his answer!

He’s Telling You He Loves the Way You Sound

When a guy calls you doll it might not even have anything to do with you!

In this case, it’s just his way of showing that he thinks your voice is sweet and cute.

He might even tell you that he loves the way you sound.

Don’t be surprised if this is what you get when a guy calls you doll!

What To Do When A Guy Calls You Doll

Now that you understand the different reasons behind why a guy might call you doll it’s time to learn what you should do when this happens.

Don’t Like It? Make Him Stop

Firstly, let me just say that if you don’t like or appreciate the fact that a guy calls you doll then you need to tell him!

He might not even be aware that it bothers you.

If this is the case then it’s best to ask him why he calls you doll.

He might have his reasons, but if not then maybe he can come up with another term of endearment that you’ll like more.

Give Him A Cute Name Too

If you do in fact like the fact that he calls you doll then it might be time to give him a cute name too.

It’s only fair, after all!

This will also let him know that you’re into him and care about him too.

Just make sure that the name you choose is cute and shows that you’re interested in him romantically!

Think about what you like about the guy and base your name off of that.

For example, if he’s really sweet and caring then you could always call him sweetie.

If he’s handsome then perhaps you could call him handsome!

You get the picture, right?

The best way to show a guy that you want to be with him is by using cute nicknames!

Here are some examples you can use:

  • Handsome
  • Angel
  • Snuggles
  • Kitten
  • Sunshine
  • Cuddler
  • Love Muffin

Just use a fun word that shows you appreciate the guy!

And, don’t forget to make sure he uses one for you too!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has answered the question, what does it mean when a guy calls you doll?

Now that you’ve read this article you should have a pretty good idea!

And, if not then remember that asking him what he means is always an option.

Just be prepared to deal with the answer!

If he doesn’t like you then it might be time to move on.

But, if he does like you then what are you waiting for?

Use cute nicknames and start a relationship with him!

Have fun!