What Does It Mean when A Guy Massages Your Shoulders

What Does It Mean when A Guy Massages Your Shoulders?

Massaging the shoulder area is a big turn-on for some people.

They love the feeling of a man gently massaging their shoulders, but others aren’t too sure about it.

Some people feel that men who massage their shoulders are only doing so out of pity, or to make themselves look bigger.

This blog post will explore why men like to massage women’s shoulders and what it means when a guy massages your shoulders.

so, what does it mean when a guy massages your shoulders? When a guy massages your shoulders, he might be interested in you, trying to show his love for you. He may also be trying to calm you down because he doesn’t want you to get mad at him. If the person is massaging your shoulders, this can be a sign that he wants a deeper relationship with you.

what does it mean when a guy massages your shoulders?

1. He’s attracted to you

If a guy massages your shoulders and doesn’t stop, even though you try to move away, it means he’s attracted to you.

It’s not something you can control, but you should try to avoid letting a guy touch your shoulders unless you want him to be attracted to you.

If you do it anyway, he might think that you like it. It could come off as a little creepy, especially if you’re not into that kind of thing.

If a guy is attracted to you, it is likely that he would show body language signs such as:

  • Asking you out on a date or for your number.
  • Lying down next to you while looking into your eyes.
  • Blushing when he sees you.
  • Becoming shy around you.
  • Becoming less interested in talking to other people around you.

2. He wants a deeper connection

If a guy massages your shoulders, it usually means he wants to touch something more than just your shoulders.

In this case, he might be massaging your shoulder because he wants to know more about you, to get closer to you, and to create a deeper connection with you.

He might be trying to see what you’re thinking, or just to feel the texture of your skin, to know more about you.

And he could be doing it because he wants to touch your shoulder in a way that isn’t entirely physical.

It’s a way for him to touch your shoulder without actually touching your shoulder.

If a guy wants a deeper connection, it is likely that he would show body language signs such as:

  • Moving closer to you.
  • Holding eye contact with you.
  • Trying to keep his hands off of you.
  • Saying yes to any request you make of him.
  • Leaning in to give you a hug.

3. He’s testing you

When a guy begins massaging your shoulders, he could be testing you in some way.

For example, maybe you told him you were tired, and he massaged your shoulders as a way of trying to see how much you’d tell him.

Or maybe he’s just testing how good you feel after having been alone for a while, or how well you handle being touched.

If a guy is testing you, it is likely that he would show body language signs such as:

  • Staring at your face.
  • Touching you when you least expect it.
  • Taking his time to get to know you.
  • Taking you out to a special place or doing something he wants to do.

4. He’s annoyed with you

When a guy touches your shoulders and rubs them, it could be a warning sign that he’s annoyed with you.

There’s nothing wrong with a guy touching your shoulders. Sometimes that’s just what he needs to do to relax, but if you feel like he’s rubbing your shoulders because he’s angry with you, he might have more to say than that.

Maybe he’s feeling the need to tell you off, but he’s trying to keep his cool. Or maybe he feels embarrassed about something you said and wants to smooth things over.

5. He’s in love with you

A guy who’s trying to massage your shoulders could be in love with you.

If he does this to several women, then it could be a sign that he’s very interested in you, or that he’s in love with you.

But it’s not a 100% sure thing. He could be trying to give you a massage, or just to make you feel good.

If he’s in love with you, it’s not always easy to tell.

So while it’s not a guarantee, it’s a possibility.

6. He wants a one-night stand

If a guy is massaging your shoulders, it’s a pretty clear sign that he wants a one-night stand.

You’re probably pretty easygoing when it comes to sex, so a guy like this could be a little bit of a challenge.

You could even be a virgin, and he could still take you on a first date, but he’s still very likely trying to get laid.

There are all kinds of reasons why a guy would want to spend one night with a girl. He might just really enjoy your company.

7. He wants a serious relationship

This one is the easiest to figure out.

If you get massaged by a guy who is doing so in a really caring way, it’s probably because he wants to take this seriously.

He’s got his heart set on a relationship with you, and he wants to be sure that he’s going to have a good time with you for a very long time.

He doesn’t want to play around.

But he also doesn’t want to have to spend any time working up the courage to ask you for a date.


The shoulder massage is a very intimate and loving gesture, especially for a woman who finds herself attracted to her man.

This act shows that he understands how hard you’ve been working and wants to offer his support in return.

The fact that he’s willing to take the time to massage your shoulders tells you that he loves you and cares for you deeply.

However, as with all forms of communication, the gesture must be done the right way!

If a man starts massaging your shoulders, then it may be best to ask him if he’s ever done this before, whether you like it or not.

A man who is good at giving massages should not be shy about it – after all, he is paying you a compliment and you deserve to know if his intentions are sincere or not.