What Does It Mean When a Guy Sends a Full-Face Snap

What Does It Mean When a Guy Sends a Full-Face Snap?

Guys send all sorts of pictures on Snapchat, so it’s important to know what each type of Snap means.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is what does it mean when a guy sends a full-face snap.

So, what does it mean when a guy sends a full-face snap? Usually, when a guy sends you a full-face Snap it’s because he wants you to think he is handsome and wants to make his own desire obvious. In other words, he finds you intriguing and hopes that you’ll feel the same way.

However, the meaning behind a full face snap may vary depending on the context he is sending it in or if he is sending it to friends or to girls he actually likes.

Therefore, I created this list of the top reasons why guys send a full face snap to girls (in no specific order).

What Does It Mean When a Guy Sends a Full Face Snap?

What Does It Mean When a Guy Sends a Full-Face Snap

1. He Wants You To See How HANDSOME He Is

Just like girls, guys want you to find them attractive.

This means his desire for you is so strong that even he can’t hide it anymore.

What this means is that he finds YOU desirable and finds YOU beautiful.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t send you full-face snaps. And this is good.

This also tells you that he must like you more than most girls, considering most girls won’t receive a full-face snap unless it is in the context of another relationship (e.g., girlfriend, ex-girlfriend).

2. He Wants You To Also Send Him Full-Face Snaps

Some girls tend to send boring Snaps of some random surroundings.

Guys love to receive full-face snaps from girls they like.

This is because they want you to feel comfortable sending them your full face. And also because he likely doesn’t find that tree in your backyard interesting.

3. He Wants To Be Your Boyfriend

Believe it or not, sometimes full face snaps can mean that he wants you to be his girlfriend. This is because some guys want to send their full-face snaps to the girl they like instead of their friends.

And if he’s sending it to you, then it’s likely that you’re the one he’s thinking about all day long.

If you are attempting to get a guy to like you, you should truly consider sending him back some full-face snaps.

This will show him that you find him attractive, and although not a confession of love, it’s a great start.

4. It Means He Wants To Get Close To You

When a guy sends you a full-face snap, he wants to see your reaction. And if he likes it, then it’s likely that he is hoping to get close to you.

This could lead to a date, a kiss, or even a more serious relationship.

It’s hard to predict the future, but Snapchat is a great way to connect with someone you like.

Reciprocating full-face snaps may lead to something more.

So if you find this guy interesting even in the slightest, then it’s a great idea to reciprocate his full-face snaps.

In most cases, guys don’t send a full face snap because they want you to know all of their secrets.

It’s simply a way of expressing their attraction to you, and they want you to know that.

So, show him that you like him too by sending back some Snaps of your beautiful face!

5. It Means He Might Miss You or Be Lonely

When a guy sends a full face snap it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s looking for a relationship.
It’s also possible that he feels lonely.

Sometimes, receiving a snap of someone’s face can be all it takes to feel better.

In other words, he might be missing you or just looking for an opportunity to have a deeper connection.

Or maybe he missed you and wants to connect with you now.

It could be a mix of all of this.

You might be able to make his day just by sending him a simple full-face Snap back.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to take the chance or not.

How To Respond To A Full Face Snap

You can respond in two ways.

1. You can send the same photo back to him

And by the same photo, I mean a picture that shows your entire face as well.

This sets the tone early and lets him know you’re interested.

And if you want to tell him that you’re interested, then sending the same picture back to him is a good way to do so.

2. You can send a different photo back to him

Now, don’t feel pressured to send him a full face snap if you don’t want to.

Just because a guy sends you a full face snap, doesn’t mean he wants you to respond in the same way.

But if you do, then send him one with a nice smile!

This will show him that you find it cute he sent one to you.

What do jawline snaps mean?

If you’ve been Snapchatting with a guy you’ve likely received a few jawline snaps.

Guys have this idea that girls love a guy with a strong jawline. And they’re right.

That doesn’t mean that every girl wants a man with a strong jawline, but the fact is, girls really do find men with strong jawlines attractive.

In other words, if you’re receiving snaps of a guy’s jawline, then that’s a pretty good sign he’s trying to impress you and let you know he thinks you’re attractive.

Final Thoughts

Receiving a full-face Snap from a guy usually means that he is interested in pursuing a relationship with you

Or at the very least, he finds you attractive and wants you to know about it.

It could be a sign that he wants to hang out, or just that he’s trying to let you know how much he’s thinking about you.

Sure, sometimes it’s just a friendly way of saying “Hey, whatcha doin’?”

But the fact is, most guys find it flattering when girls reciprocate their full face snaps.

So, reciprocate his if you want to!