What Does It Mean When A Guy Sends You a Meme? (10 Reasons)

Hey girls, let’s talk about something we’ve all experienced at one point or another: receiving a meme from a guy.

Whether it’s a silly joke or a sneaky attempt to flirt, it can leave us scratching our heads and wondering, “What does it mean when a guy sends me a meme?”

Well, I’m here to tell you that there are many possible reasons why a guy might send you a meme and it’s important to consider them all.

So, let’s dive into 10 possible meanings behind a guy sending you a meme.

What Does It Mean when A Guy Sends You a Meme

1. He’s Trying to Make You Laugh

woman laughing
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Men who send memes are trying to make you laugh and show their playful side. Memes can be a great way to break the ice, start a conversation, or just lighten the mood.

The type of meme he sends can tell you a lot about his personality – some men might prefer silly jokes, while others might opt for something romantic or heartfelt.

Whatever it is that he chooses to share with you says something about him and how he likes to express himself.

Memes also provide an opportunity for him to reveal his sense of humor and how compatible it is with yours. If you find yourself regularly laughing at the same types of jokes, then chances are there’s good chemistry between the two of you!

2. He’s Flirting With You

man flirting
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When a man sends you memes, it could be a sign that he’s interested in you and is trying to flirt.

Memes are the perfect way for someone to express emotions without actually saying any words. They can make us laugh, cry, or just reflect on our lives in general.

In this case, if the meme your male friend has sent you is something funny and playful, then it’s likely he’s flirting with you. He may also be trying to make conversation or start an online relationship with you – whatever his intentions are, it’s clear he wants your attention!

Try sending him some memes back and see how he responds! You never know what might come of it.

3. He’s Trying to Show You He Has a Sense of Humor

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If a man you’re interested in is sending you memes, it can be his way of showing off how he has a sense of humor.

It’s an effort on his part to make sure you know that he can appreciate the funny side of life — and that he wants to share it with you.

He understands the language of memes, which is often rooted in sarcasm, irony or wit.

And by sending them your way, he’s hoping they will bring some smiles into your day.

So if he’s trying to make funny things happen between the two of you through memes, take a minute and think about what kind of humor resonates with him specifically — and then respond back with one of your own!

4. He’s Trying to Start a Conversation

Trying to Start a Conversation
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When a man sends you a meme, it’s often not as simple as him just wanting to make you laugh.

In some cases, he may be using the meme as an easy way to start a conversation with you.

He could be trying to gauge your reaction and is hoping that the meme will spark an interesting discussion between the two of you.

The best thing to do when he sends you a meme is to respond in kind—maybe with your own funny picture or comment—and see where it takes the conversation.

This can help foster deeper connections between both of you if done right.

5. He’s Trying to Show You He’s Thinking About You

He's Thinking About You
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For some men, sending memes is a way of expressing themselves.

He might be trying to make you laugh or show that he’s paying attention to your interests.

Memes can also be a form of flirting for those who are more comfortable behind the keyboard than in person.

So if your man is sending you funny and thoughtful memes, it could be a sign that he’s thinking about you and wants to let you know how much he cares.

It’s his way of saying, ‘Hey I’m here for you!’.

6. He’s Trying to Make You Feel Special

When a man sends you funny memes, it’s because he wants to put a smile on your face.

He’s trying to show you that he cares and values your relationship.

It’s his way of saying that you make him happy and he wants to make sure you feel special in return.

It could be as simple as sending a meme about how crazy life can get or something more romantic like expressing his love for you through an image.

Either way, when a man sends memes, take it as the sign of affection that it is! He simply wants to show you how much he loves and appreciates having you in his life.

7. He’s Trying to Bond With You

At first glance, sending you memes could seem like a silly way of communication.

But the truth is, it’s actually quite meaningful.

When a man sends you memes, he could be trying to connect with you in a lighthearted and humorous way.

He wants to make sure that both of your conversations are entertaining as well as informative.

Memes can also signify his growing level of comfort with you — after all, sharing funny jokes and puns is one of the ways people bond!

So if he’s sending them your way often, it just might mean that he feels close enough to joke around without worrying about how you’ll take it.

8. He’s Trying to Impress You

He might be trying to show off his sense of humor or demonstrate how tech-savvy he is by sending you a funny, relatable meme.

It could be that he’s hoping you find him charming and clever – and it’s working!

9. He’s Trying to Show You He’s Interested

It could be that your guy is trying to make sure you know he’s interested in you.

By sending a meme, especially one with an inside joke or something personal about the two of you, it shows that he cares enough about you to think deeply and creatively about what will make you smile.

10. He’s Trying to Show You That He Cares About You

Sending a meme can also serve as an expression of affection from him.

Maybe there was something specific said earlier in the day or week which reminded him of both of you together, so he decided to send over a meme related specifically for the two of you.

This gesture shows that even when apart, your guy has been thinking about ways in which he can still bring joy into your life!