What Does It Mean When a Guy Texts Lol A Lot

What Does It Mean When a Guy Texts Lol A Lot?

If a guy you know texts lol a lot you might be wondering what that means.

After all, lol is supposed to be a laugh out loud, but if it’s all the time, you might wonder if it’s like, his way of showing you that he’s entertained.

This post will help you figure out why your guy texts ‘lol’ a lot!

So, what does it mean when a guy texts lol a lot? If a guy you know texts lol a lot, it’s a sign that he likes you and finds you funny. In other words, he wants to make you laugh in a slightly lukewarm way while making it clear he finds you attractive.

Since there can be many reasons why a guy might text ‘lol’ a lot, we’re going to explore all the possible reasons why.

This way, you will get a better understanding of why your guy friend chooses this word to describe his amusement.

Why a Guy Might Text Lol A lot

Luckily, there are many reasons why a guy might use the word ‘lol’ in his texts.

Keep reading to learn more about why!

He’s Attracted To You

What Does It Mean When a Guy Texts Lol A Lot

The first reason why a guy might text lol a lot is that he’s attracted to you.

If this is the case, then he will probably use the word ‘lol’ in his texts even more because he wants to impress you, which is why he’s trying so hard to make you laugh.

He is hoping that by coming across as funny or even making you laugh, you might think he’s attractive too.

He Wants You To Think He’s Funny

What Does It Mean When a Guy Texts Lol ALot

Another reason why a guy would choose to use the word ‘lol’ when texting is that he wants you to think he’s funny, or at least that his sense of humor is good.

Since everyone knows that the best way to impress a girl is by being funny, if a guy texts you constantly and uses ‘lol’ as his main means to make you laugh, he probably hopes that by doing this it will make him seem like a better guy.

He Likes You And Is Joking

You should already be aware that it’s quite likely that the guy you are wondering about might like you.

If this is the case, then he will probably text ‘lol’ to make you think that he’s absolutely hysterical and that you should go out with him.

However, he might in fact like you so much that he is hoping that the two of you will become a couple someday.

He Thinks You Are Hilarious

It could also be because he thinks that YOU are the funny one.

Every once in a while, he might use the word ‘lol’ to show you that what you’re saying is hysterical because he thinks it’s really funny and wants to make sure you know.

He Might Be Trying To Cover Up His Interest

Now let’s turn our attention back to the point where a guy is attracted to you and wants you to think he’s funny.

In this case, he might text ‘lol’ constantly because he’s trying to tell you that he’s interested in you without actually saying it.

This is a common trick that guys use to cover up their interests because they’re afraid that you might turn them down if they actually tell you how they feel.

He Likes Your Personality and Is Bored

What Does It Mean When a Guy Texts Lol A Lot

If a guy texts lol a lot because he likes your personality, then he thinks that you are interesting or funny and will probably want to spend more time with you.

But, since he doesn’t see you all the time, he will try to let you know that he thinks you’re awesome by sending ‘lol’ in his texts.

To figure out if he is just bored, look for these signs:

  • If he’s texting you during class or work.
  • If he just keeps texting you “lol” without even responding to your texts.
  • If he starts texting you a lot when you don’t hear from him for a while.

If any of these signs sound familiar, it’s probably because he’s bored and not because he likes you.

He Might Just Be Lazy

Now let’s move on to the last possible reason for why a guy might text ‘lol’ a lot.

Maybe he has nothing else to say and instead of putting in actual effort to come up with a text message, he would rather just send ‘lol’ and call it a day.

This is also one of the reasons why he might keep texting you ‘lol’ in order to try and convince you that he’s absolutely hysterical.

He might also think that the word ‘lol’ is more interesting than whatever he has to say.

No matter what the reason might be, if a guy texts you constantly and uses ‘lol’ as his main text, he probably wants you to like him and thinks that you will make a good couple.

If he is constantly using ‘lol’ when you are in class, work, or during any other time when you should be focusing on something else, then that is a huge red flag.

He might think that it’s funny but the last thing you want in a relationship is to have someone who is constantly trying to get a laugh from you instead of actually getting things done.

This might make him seem like an actual comedian and might make you want to be in a relationship with him, but the truth is that if he’s not taking your relationship seriously then he probably never will.

If he’s not talking about anything important or focusing on getting to know you, then it’s probably not worth the time.

What To Reply

If you’re starting to like the guy who texts ‘lol’ all the time (and it sounds like he likes you too), then there are a few things you can reply with to let him know that you’re interested in him too.

Some examples of what to say include:

  • “oh god… lol.”
  • “I can’t believe it… lol.”
  • “I’m dying from laughter… lol…”

Just make sure that whatever you reply with, it’s not overused and that it’s something that you wouldn’t normally say in a regular conversation.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Fun Of Him

If you’re having a serious conversation with the guy who texts ‘lol’ all the time, then make sure you laugh and crack a few jokes along the way.

This will let him know that you are confident, don’t take yourself too seriously, and that you’re willing to make fun of him too.

He will probably be intimidated at first but in the end, he will like that you aren’t afraid to make fun of him and will probably like you even more.

Let Him Know What You’re Intentions Are

You want to make sure that he knows that you’re looking for a relationship.

Guys who come across as the “Funny Guy” oftentimes don’t want a relationship, they want to keep things on the surface level and think that women are interested in them because of how funny they are.

If he seems like the “Funny Guy” type, let him know upfront that you’re interested in dating and not simply being a friend with benefits.

He will probably defend himself at first but once he realizes that you’re not looking to waste your time, then things will get serious.

If he doesn’t want the same thing, then you should end things before they even start because it’s never fun to date someone who doesn’t want the same thing as you.

Is It Weird If A Guy Texts ‘Lol’ All The Time?

It’s not weird if a guy texts ‘lol’ every now and then, but it is pretty weird if he uses the word constantly.

He will either be really lazy or think that you can’t live without him constantly entertaining you.

Either way, it’s not an attractive quality and it’s definitely not something that you need in a relationship.

Again, as long as it’s used in moderation, then there isn’t anything wrong with it.

However, if the guy is constantly using ‘lol’ and not talking about anything important or interesting, then he doesn’t deserve your time.

It shouldn’t be too hard to tell if the guy is good for you or not so I wouldn’t waste too much time if it seems that way.

If you like him, then you should reply to his messages with something of substance and if he’s not interested in the same things, then it might be time to let him go.

At the end of the day, if he isn’t making an effort to get to know you and make you happy, then there’s really no point in keeping him around.

Final Thoughts

If a guy texts ‘lol’ a lot, then he probably doesn’t take relationships seriously.

He might think that it’s entertaining to constantly crack jokes and act like a clown, but that won’t be the case when you’re in a relationship with him and he’s constantly trying to entertain you instead of focusing on getting to know you and how your relationship will work.

If he doesn’t want the same things that you do, then don’t waste too much time on him because you deserve a guy who is willing to treat you right and make an effort for your relationship.

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of whether or not he likes you and what to do if he texts ‘lol’ all the time.