What Guys like to Be Called Instead of Cute

What Guys like to Be Called Instead of Cute

As you probably know by now, most guys don’t like to be called cute.

What your guy may like to be called instead of cute, is strong, handsome, and masculine.

So, don’t be afraid to let your guy know you think he is one of these instead of cute.

And if you find that just one of them isn’t enough and that you need to tell him some other attributes, then go for it!

You can never give a compliment too many times or in too many different ways.

After all, the only person who might benefit from your hesitations is your guy’s ego!

However, there are more reasons the guy should be the one to say what he likes to be called instead of cute.

He is more likely to pay attention to you and what you say since you are speaking from his perspective.

Plus, it shows that you have good communication skills and good intentions, which is important when it comes to dating.

And if your guy does not think of himself as being brutally honest, then he will hesitate before telling you exactly what he thinks.

8 Things Guys like to Be Called Instead of Cute

Let’s go over the most popular things guys like to be called instead of cute:


We’ll start off slow and elementary and then build in intensity and power.

This is your chance to let your guy know that he can protect you, and when the opportunity presents itself when you need him to stand up for you, help you out with a problem, he will.

When you call a guy strong, it’s like you’re telling him that he can protect you and that he has power.

Letting a guy know that he is strong will give him a sense of appreciation and masculinity, because, in addition to appreciating the fact that he can help his woman when needed, he also feels good about himself, knowing that there may be other guys who wish they could be as strong and in control as him.


This one follows strength in the sense of its intensity and masculinity in general terms.

The reason guys like to be called handsome over cute is that they like to know that they are attractive.

That is, not only do they want to know that you think they are strong, but you also think they are attractive.

This one has a lot of subtext in it, so let’s go over some of the things you may be saying when you call a guy handsome:

You may be letting him know that you appreciate his facial hair and grooming habits.

However, you may also be indicating that you like the way he looks overall, rather than just his appearance in terms of his facial hair and grooming habits.

You may also mean to show how much you appreciate his attractiveness overall since when you do something nice for him or when he does something nice for you, it makes him feel good about himself. So it goes hand in hand with the previous sentence.


You can never go wrong with masculinity when it comes to men, so don’t be afraid to call a guy masculine when you mean it!

Your guy likes to know that you think he is a man and that he knows what he is doing.

It’s important that you have confidence in him, because if you don’t have confidence in him, then he may lose confidence in himself.

Being masculine for a guy is like being in the army.

He has to be in control of himself and others, and he has to know what he is doing or he can mess things up.

It’s not that everyone who joins the army has to be masculine, but it’s just that they have to act like men in order for anything military-related to function properly.


An honorable guy is someone who stands up for himself and others by doing what they believe is right, even when it conflicts with popular opinion.

If you are calling him honorable, then you are definitely telling him that he is a man who acts like one.

You are saying that he has moral fiber and purpose, which is exactly what any guy needs to be taken seriously in terms of dating.


When you call a guy cool, it is not really about his ability to control things; it’s about how fun and mature he acts when handling everyday situations with friends, family, or coworkers.

He’s relaxed and chills, and he never loses control of his emotions.

He knows how to handle himself, and he has an overall good attitude about things.

He is the one that you want to bring to parties or social gatherings because he is cool with everything that goes on there.

He’s not too uptight or controlling, but he can still be responsible when necessary.

He’s the one you want to take to a party or a date or to go to work with because he knows what to expect and how to handle it, and he is relaxed and fun-loving.


Strong-willed guys are almost like clones of women – they’re able to stand up for themselves pretty well, but they still believe in love and romance.

They don’t lose their ability to feel emotion, but their emotions don’t control them.

They know how to stand their ground, but they are also capable of letting things go.

If you are calling your guy strong-willed, then you are saying that he is good at expressing himself.

He is able to share his thoughts without fear of being taken advantage of or laughed at by others.

And you are telling him that this ability to express himself allows him to maintain his masculinity while being open to accepting advice from others.

Emotionally stable

Another nickname instead of cute is emotionally stable.

This one is about how a guy handles every situation.

He knows how to be calm in even the most stressful situations, and he can take a punch from others without being completely knocked out.

Of course, there’s no need to call your guy emotionally stable; he probably already knows that he is emotionally stable and cool-headed.


Lastly, you can call your guy creative.

When you give him this nickname instead of cute, you are telling him that he is not just strong, handsome, cool, honorable, emotionally stable, and strong-willed; but he also has his own sense of style and how he expresses himself.

If you call your guy creative, then it’s like saying that you respect the fact that he is not just another guy who walks around in jeans and a t-shirt all day.

It’s saying that he has his own sense of style and that he can express himself while still looking classy.

Final Thoughts

So, the next time you’re thinking about what nickname to give to your guy, just think about where you stand, and how he makes you feel.

Depending on the context of the nickname, it can mean that you appreciate him for who he is or that you appreciate him for certain characteristics he has.

No matter what nickname you choose, though, remember to use it in moderation.

Too many nicknames can turn your relationship into a pretty odd one if you don’t use them right.

However, stay away from calling him cute, sweet, or adorable.

Those are things that you have to say to people who are very young.