Wild Beavers Turn Cameraman's Wildlife Project into Epic Dam Construction

Wild Beavers Turn Cameraman’s Wildlife Project into Epic Dam Construction

For years, John Beach has set up hidden trail cameras around central Minnesota, hoping to catch wild animals in their natural habitat. The animal lover has since captured mink, otters, coyotes, and many other visitors wandering in front of his lens. Recently, though, one of his recordings was interrupted when a certain animal began building a dam right in front of the camera.

“When you set up your camera to get close to the action, but end up in a construction zone!” Beach wrote in a Facebook post about the event. “No cameras were harmed in the making of this video — just buried a little.”

It wasn’t a total surprise. Beach had positioned his camera up on a bank, hoping to catch a group of beavers who’d been working to fill a deep water station. What he didn’t realize was that he was a bit closer to the action than he’d intended.

In the ensuing footage, the beavers can be seen carefully adding dirt and sticks to their pile, carrying the materials in their paws.

This isn’t the first time Beach has seen a beaver on one of his cams. This past November, he caught a beaver munching on a stick in a local stream.

Though his recording was ultimately blackened by the dam, Beach didn’t mind. In fact, he was delighted by the opportunity to catch beavers doing what they do best.

You can see more of Beach’s trail camera captures on YouTube.