After Freeing A Wild Horse From Chains, Vet Gets Kissed By Grateful Herd-Mate

Wild Horse Gratefully Kisses Rescuer After Being Freed from Chains

So, let me tell you about something amazing that happened in the Danube delta in Romania. This place has wild horses that have been roaming around for centuries, right in the heart of the Letea forest. But a few years back, these horses were in real trouble, with people saying they were a danger to the forest and needed to be gotten rid of.

That’s when FOUR PAWS International stepped in. They worked out a deal with the Romanian government to control the horse population without hurting them, like using birth control instead of harsher methods.


Fast forward a decade, and FOUR PAWS is still keeping an eye on these horses, protecting them from hunters. But there’s this one rescue that’s just mind-blowing.

They find this wild horse with her front legs chained up, struggling to move. It’s sadly a common thing in Romania. Dr. Ovidiu Rosu from FOUR PAWS sees her and knows he’s got to help her out.


After sedating her for everyone’s safety, Dr. Rosu gently covers her eyes – it helps keep horses calm, you know. He then gets to work, using pliers to cut off those chains. The poor horse had sores from the chains, but she was finally free.


The coolest part? While Dr. Rosu is working, her herd is watching, like they’re worried but also know these folks are here to help. And once he’s done, one of the horses from the herd actually comes up and gives Dr. Rosu a thank-you kiss. Can you believe it?


When the sedative wears off, the team helps the horse up, and she’s off, taking her first steps back into freedom.

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