Woman Kicks Out Husband and Son Days Before Christmas for Being Untidy. AITA?

It’s safe to say that the holiday season can sometimes bring out the not-so-festive side of household dynamics, and nothing can test the domestic bliss quite like the classic clash over chores. But what happens when seasonal stress collides with household harmony? One woman’s drastic measure has left the Reddit community debating the spirit of the season and the limits of household patience.

She wrote:

Husband (41) and I (38f) have two children. Our daughter Rachel (15) and our son Tim (13).

Since forever I am begging my husband to do more around the house but he continues to be a lazy man child. He does the bare minimum when I force him and that’s it. And our son is learning from him. Not doing his chores, not cleaning up his messes and expecting his sister to cater him. Hubby is enabling him and secretly overrules me when I punish Tim. We had more than one argument because of their laziness.

Yesterday I was shopping with Rachel and we met a friend from work and her boyfriend. So I called my husband and asked him and Tim to clean the house asap because I will bring guests. When we arrived home nearly two hours later the house was a mess. I never felt so embarrassed in my life. My friend smiled and downplayed it as normal but I was able to see the looks she exchanged with her bf. We chatted for 20 minutes after I cleaned the living room a bit and then they left.

I finally had enough. I told both hubby and Tim to get the f out of my house and don’t come back until they learn to respect me and be helpful around the house. We had a bad argument and in the end they gave up and left. My son has called me since from the motel where he and hubby are staying and begged me to let him back in. I told him he can ask me in 2024 again and I might consider it. They are banned for christmas (family will gather in my house this year) and New Year’s Eve. Tim will then return, hubby I am not sure yet.

My mom and my sister are against this. They think I am way to harsh, especially to Tim. But I think he needs are serious wake up call and this will be it. And I don’t give an f about hubby at this point.


People were quick to share their thoughts:

WhatHappenedMonday said that:

“She owns the house and she wore them down. They probably thought they would spend a night in a hotel to teach her a lesson. That she would be begging them to come back come morning. Now they are learning the lesson.”

SqueaksScreech said that:

“They probably got hungry, and the dad waiting this situation out. The son probably just found out how lazy the dad really is.”

LocalBrilliant5564 said that:

“I guarantee he’s calling because now he’s the one who has to clean up after the pig.”

Corfiz74 said that:

“In the motel, they’ll have staff for the cleanup – they just need mom for the catering…”

CircuitSphinx said that:

“Oh they’re in for a treat then – eating out for every meal because neither can cook, and even motel TV dinners get old after the second microwave ding. Mom’s home cooking becomes the stuff of legends. Completely underappreciated until it’s not there.”

Top_Enthusiasm5044 said that:

“Right?? I’m sure raw, microwaved hotdogs prepared by ‘dad’ knocked a sense of reality into son. 😉”

lollipop-guildmaster said that:

“Hot dogs are sold fully cooked.”

HeyPretty1 said that:

“You eat them directly out of the package then, I’ll be cooking them.”

ShoeVast5490 said that:

“This is my question. Couldn’t they have just said “no, we’re not leaving”? Legally she can’t actually kick them out. I just don’t get how these men (who clearly are already disrespectful) actually leave when “kicked out”. Why? How?”

lostlibraryof said that:

“I thinks it’s because deep down they are perfectly aware of how far they push women’s sanity, and that leaving when she finally snaps and tells you to get the f out is immensely preferable to literally being killed in your sleep.”

LumpyPhilosopher8 said that:

“She’s put up with his sh*t this long. I’m sure he arrogantly assumed that if he actually left, she’d be begging him to come back in a day or two.”

InevitableTrue7223 said that:

“Spot on”

Riginal_Zin said that:

“He’s figuring out just how wrong that is..”

SilentJoe1986 said that:

“Make leaving less painful/annoying than staying.”

No-not all are precooked. said that:

“No-not all are precooked.”

Imaginary_Emotion604 said that:

“Raw AND microwaved?”

DangerousAd1986 said that:

“NTA Let your son come home under the conditions you line out for him. Your husband can kick rocks.”

heyitsta12 said that:

“I also think a few extra days with dad will not just be an eye opener for punishment purposes but will most likely show him in real time how dependent his dad is as well.”

What’s your take on this pre-Christmas family shake-up? Share your thoughts in the comments and let’s discuss whether the holiday spirit can justify such drastic action or if this was a necessary lesson in household respect.