Woman Puzzled When She Sees A Mysterious Ball Of Fur Moving On Her Floor

Woman Puzzled When She Sees A Mysterious Ball Of Fur Moving On Her Floor

Have you ever sat on your couch relaxing or maybe watching TV, while suddenly noticing something unusual?

That’s what happened to Cheyenne Benzo. As she was lounging at home with her daughter and pet dog, Sheldon, something odd caught her attention.

A Mysterious Ball Of Fur


Cheyenne saw a small ball of fur near Sheldon’s bed. Knowing Sheldon’s tendency to shed, she didn’t initially think much of it. “Sheldon is like a walking cloud of fur. I’m always finding fluff around,” Cheyenne remarked.

However, this particular fur ball was different. It was denser and seemed to be moving independently. Cheyenne was taken aback.

Upon closer inspection with a flashlight, she realized the fur ball had eyes!


Mystery Solved

It turned out, the ball of fur was actually a tiny tree frog, entangled in Sheldon’s hair. “I was baffled about where it came from. It just appeared, all ruffled and bewildered,” said Cheyenne.

The frog, stuck in the hair, struggled to move. Cheyenne gently helped it out and even gave it a small bath. Post-bath, the frog was lively again.

A Learning Experience

Cheyenne used this incident to teach her daughter about kindness to animals. They released the frog near a stream in their yard. “It was a special moment, showing my daughter how to care for another creature,” Cheyenne shared.

In the end, it wasn’t just an intriguing story for Cheyenne but also an important lesson in compassion for her young daughter.