Black Trash Bag In Blueberry Field Is Really A Mangled Dog

Woman Rescues Injured Dog Mistaken for Garbage, Finds Forever Friend

So, there’s this amazing thing that happened with Shena. She’s driving by these blueberry fields, right? And she spots what she thinks is just a black trash bag. But as she gets closer, she realizes, oh no, it’s a black dog, lying there, not moving at all.


Shena, being the absolute gem she is, doesn’t think twice. She whips out her fanny pack, makes a leash out of the strap, and starts talking to this dog, super gently. It takes a good half an hour, but she finally gets the pup into her van. The poor thing’s leg is broken, and she’s in so much pain.


Shena rings up her boss at the Regional Animal Protection Society (she works there, by the way) and heads straight over. Turns out, the dog, who they now call Blueberry, doesn’t have a microchip. After getting her leg fixed up in surgery, Blueberry starts her recovery with Shena.

This dog, Blueberry, she’s super sensitive to sedation. She becomes this cuddly, mushy baby, all about being held and swaddled. And as she gets better, she fits right into Shena’s home, even making friends with her cats and dogs. One of Shena’s cats, in particular, just adores Blueberry.


What started as a foster thing turned into something more. Shena just knew Blueberry was meant to stay with her forever. And despite everything Blueberry’s been through, she’s the most loving dog you can imagine. Shena’s just over the moon to have her in her life.Check out the video of Blueberry’s journey and ‘SHARE’ this inspiring story!