Woman's Unique Tattoo Has A Special Double Meaning

Woman’s Unique Tattoo Reveals Hidden Depths in an Inspiring Double Meaning!

Ropey is family ❤️

When Christy Williams found a kitten on a farm, little did she know he would bring such joy and comfort to her life. Bug, the kitten, not only became Christy’s companion but also found a friend in the most unexpected of places—a small, braided rope affectionately named Ropey.

“Bug will take Ropey to the litter box, the food bowl, to bed and to his cat tree,” Christy said. “His love for Ropey was instant.”

Bug and Ropey

Bug’s fondness for Ropey isn’t just a simple tale of a cat and its favorite toy. It’s a story woven with memories and the legacy of Christy’s grandmother, Brenda. Ropey, a creation by Grandma Brenda, became a treasure found among her belongings after she passed away.

Christy with Ropey

One might wonder why Bug chose Ropey out of all the other things. It was as if he knew that Ropey meant something special to Christy. Their bond with Ropey represents unconditional love and the cherished recollections of a beloved family member.

“Ropey is significant to me because he represents unconditional love,” Christy explained. “Also, he represents my grandma. She was an angel on earth, and my Ropey tattoo is a reminder of her.”

Christy's Tattoo of Ropey

In tribute to her grandmother’s memory, Christy got a tattoo of Ropey. Every glance at the tattoo is a touching reminiscence of a love that transcends time and species.

Bug’s adventures with Ropey continue to be a source of delight:

  • Takes Ropey everywhere
  • Eats with Ropey
  • Sleeps with Ropey
  • Plays with Ropey
  • Endearingly drags it around the house
Bug taking a nap with Ropey

The bond between Bug and his Ropey is something beautiful to behold. As they snuggle up together at the end of the day, it’s clear that for Christy and Bug, Ropey is not just a toy. Ropey is family. It’s Grandma Brenda’s legacy, lovingly carried forward by a charming orange cat with an extraordinary attachment to a simple, braided rope.

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