Would You Poop in Public for $365K a Year?

The internet is buzzing with a peculiar but financially tempting thought experiment that poses the question: Would you be okay with the inconvenience of using only public restrooms every time nature calls if it meant earning $1,000 a day? One Reddit user posed this dare, creating a ripple of reactions across the web.

He wrote:

You’re given $1,000 cash every day but any time you need to poop, you have to use a public restroom; are you taking the $1k? Why or why not?

People were quick to share their thoughts:

GoldIce53641638 mentioned:

I’m not gonna lie actually shitting in a public restroom is fine, the annoying part is having to drive somewhere every time. I’d probably still do it.

paperbrilliant added a practical query:

Is it optional each day or do I have to keep the streak alive? Either way, I’m in. A system could be arranged to make this work.

Enshaden expressed his determination humorously:

I’d poop in front of a live studio audience for $1k a day.

J0zey considered the financial advantage:

On $365,000 a year, I’m sure the public restrooms I’ll be using will be very nice.

HeartKevinRose raised a valid concern:

My only question is what if there’s a late-night emergency? The closest 24-hour place is far.

hippoofdoom had a strategic approach:

Time to make a “poop ahead” plan. Map out ideal toilets and emergency spots, despite the rural challenge.

TheCastusDildo found a loophole:

Hell yes, I’ll take the deal. If it can be any public restroom, I’ll find the clean ones.

DaveTakingControl prodded at the rules:

If you poop only twice a week, maybe the deal should be $150 per day instead?

SpecificAstronaut69 pointed out:

I would take a small paper cut for much less than $365k per year, this seems like a no-brainer.

A320neo reflected a common sentiment:

People overestimate the dirtiness of public restrooms and underestimate the life impact of a $365k salary.

Belgand had a clever twist:

Create a public restroom with inconvenient hours and a high entry price, ensuring it remains technically public, but essentially private.

_The_Room saw a community benefit:

Neighbors with the same deal could coordinate their midnight poops, solving the timing issue.

soyboysnowflake suggested a residential solution:

Living in an apartment with a 24/hr gym means an always accessible bathroom.

ACivtech planned ahead:

I’d open a pay-to-enter public restroom right in front of my house.

early2000smovies wondered about alternatives:

Can I just dig a hole in the yard? That’s public-ish.

WeWander_ calculated the financial freedom:

With that salary, all my debt, except the mortgage, could be gone in a month.

What’s your thoughts on Pooping for Pay? Would the constant need for a public lavatory be worth the financial windfall to you? Share your own bathroom for bucks strategies or any other creative loopholes you might have in mind. Don’t forget to go back to the Facebook post and comment with your thoughts!