15 Shocking Everyday Problems We Can't Believe Tech Hasn't Fixed Yet

15 Shocking Everyday Problems We Can’t Believe Tech Hasn’t Fixed Yet

Alright folks, we’ve all been there, facepalming over the simplest of life’s frustrations that – for whatever cosmic joke reason – our super smart tech world hasn’t sniffed out a solution for.

And it’s not just us – Reddit users are scratching their heads too! Someone posed the question, “What is something you cannot believe modern technology hasn’t fixed yet?” – and boy, did the internet respond with some zingers.

Here’s a cheeky rundown of the 15 “You’ve got to be kidding me!” problems that tech apparently took a pass on. Buckle up, and get ready to nod furiously in agreement.

Instant Money Vanishing Act

“Companies can take money out of my account in like 10 seconds but if I need a refund sometimes it takes a week or more.“

Ever noticed how companies treat your bank account like a vending machine for withdrawals but turn into a teller from the 1800s when you ask for a refund? Apparently, money can move at lightning speed, but only one way. What’s up with that? Waiting for a refund feels like watching paint dry on a humid day – it’s not going to happen fast, and nobody knows why.

Enamored with Enamel

“Why isn’t there a process to re-enamel teeth?“

Right on, Reddit! Our chompers can handle jawbreakers, but the dentist’s bill breaks the bank. How come we can send rovers to Mars but can’t save our enamel from going MIA? Instead of dreaming about pearly gate renovations, we’re stuck with fluoride and crossed fingers. C’mon, science, throw us a bone… or, you know, new enamel.

Cereal Packaging Discontent

“Why my new boxer shorts are packaged in a ziplock bag but cereals are not.“

Let’s talk breakfast betrayal. You can zip up your undies to keep them fresh, but your cereal? Prepare for inevitable staleness because someone decided that a simple zip seal was too much luxury for our beloved breakfast. It’s not rocket science, it’s a Ziploc – get with the program, cereal companies!

Hearing Aid High Dive

“I wear a hearing aid. If you get a hearing aid wet it quits working. If you sweat into a hearing aid wax builds up and makes the hearing aid not work. If I take a shower I have to wait at least 30 minutes for my ear canal to dry before being able to hear, without potentially breaking my hearing aid. You’d have thought that science could make a water proof hearing aid. And who knows, there might possibly be one out there but I can only afford the cheapest models which are still like 3 thousand dollars. I just want to be able to do something that makes me sweat but also be able to hear at the same time.“

It’s mind-boggling to think that in an age where phones can survive a dip in the pool, hearing aids give up at the first sign of moisture. The technology is apparently out there, but locked behind such a hefty price tag that it might as well be on the moon. Hearing should not be a luxury or a dry-only activity.

Ringing No One’s Bell

“Tinnitus :(“

The sound of silence is genuinely golden, and those with tinnitus are being robbed of that gold every single day. It’s plain unfair. With all these advances in bio-tech, it’s high time we found a mute button for this unending ring-a-ding-ding that no one asked for.

Muffled Altitudes

“The PA system on airplanes. Still can’t understand a word the pilot says.“

Fasten your seatbelts and… what was that? A weather update or a recipe for banana bread? Airplane PA systems seem to be stuck in the propeller age. Maybe one day we’ll actually understand those in-flight announcements. Here’s hoping it’s before we figure out teleportation.

Sugar Bugs Still a Thing

“Tooth decay“

Tooth fairy’s gonna be out of business if we don’t figure this one out. Brush, floss, rinse, and repeat is the mantra, yet tooth decay acts like a bad guest who just won’t leave. Dental hygiene has come a long way, but the day when cavities are a folklore is still far, far away.

The Scar Conundrum

“We can do open Heart surgeries, organ transplants and have some genic therapies, but we still cannot do anything really effective against skin scars.“

Scar-tissue mysteries remain unsolved. Sure, you can swap out a heart, but heaven help you if you want that bike-accident scar to vanish. Scar removal creams promise the moon, yet here we are, taping over the pesky remains of knee scrapes from two decades ago.

Mending the Unmendable

“Spinal cord damage, paralysis.“

We’re hacking into the deepest corners of the brain, yet a damaged spinal cord leaves us scratching our heads. It’s like having all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle but no idea how to put them together. Quite the conundrum, isn’t it?

Forgetting Forgetting

“Effective treatments to stop the progression of dementia“

The race to outsmart time and its effects on the brain is still on. Dementia, like an unwelcome plot twist, leaves us guessing – and we’ve read all the self-help books we could. Neurology, let’s get a wriggle on!

Medicinal Mysteries

“I remain amazed that our system (technological, financial, manufacturing) suddenly has us dealing with shortages of critical medications. We should be way past this point.“

In an emoji, this one’s a full-face palm. With the speed we crank out smartphones, you’d think keeping the meds cabinet stocked would be a given. Yet, here we are, rationing puffs of inhalers like they’re the last drops of an elixir. Isn’t it about time we fixed the supply chain?

Chill, Don’t Spill

“The reverse microwave. To allow me to chill a beer from room temperature to fridge temperature in under two minutes.“

Believe it or not, we’ve put a man on the moon, but still wait ages for a chilled beer. No more “quick” runs to the fridge during commercial breaks that turn into minutes of angst. The reverse microwave is long overdue.

Clear Lines, Heavy Downpours

“I’ve been driving for over 30 years and I still can’t believe in all that time they haven’t invented economically viable lane markings that are visible in the rain.

Strange thing too, the lane markings are visible from side on in the passenger seat but not head in from the drivers perspective. I hate driving in the rain for this reason.“

Here’s to driving in the rain without playing guessing games with the lane markings. It’s the automotive equivalent of navigating a maze with your eyes closed. Seriously, can someone please fix this already?

Back to Basics

“Lower back pain.“

Humans have erected skyscrapers, conquered the heavens, voyaged to the abyssal depths, yet the mystery of the lower back pain is unsolved. Someone tell tech wizards that a glitch-free back is higher on our wish list than another smartphone upgrade.

Remote Whereabouts

“My tv should have a button on it that pings the remote when it’s buried 8 ft into my couch.“

How is it that we can pinpoint a café in rural France from space, but finding the TV remote remains a quest worthy of Indiana Jones? The day we can beep our remotes into appearing – like a friend popping up to say ‘hello’ – is the day we’ll know peace.

Tech gods, if you’re listening, this is our plea: Prioritize these pesky problems. We promise we’ll write you rave reviews – just as soon as we find our remotes.