20 Disturbing Company Secrets Ex-Employees Are Now Revealing

Healthcare Hassles

“Health insurance dude. When you file a claim, it is often denied because they’re counting on you not escalating it. Once you do, your case goes to a “medical management group” which ought to be called the “we don’t wanna pay” group.

Keep escalating and involve your doctor. Fight for the insurance you paid for.”

Mortgage Advice: Less is More

“Mortgage industry here, we’re like cops, ONLY answer the question asked, DO NOT provide additional information to “be helpful”, it could screw you over”

Oprah’s On-screen Alterations

“Oprah Winfrey had us edit her arm waddles in post production”

Olive Garden’s Lunchtime Larceny

“I worked at Olive Garden in the mid 90’s while I was in college. Back then, they had the “all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks” lunch special for like $4.25 + tax. Working lunch shift SUCKED. You would get probably 2 or 3 tables, and there was a 99% chance that all of your tables were 2 ladies getting this lunch special with water during their lunch break.

After about a year, several over our “best” servers were mysteriously fired. It turns out, they were running a scam where they used the same receipt over and over again when these ladies paid for their meal with cash. Since we could get those 3 items ourselves from the back without ringing them into the system, these servers were just pocketing the cash for the entire meal. So instead of making like $5-8 dollars in tips during a lunch shift like the rest of us dumb schmucks, they would make an extra $20 or so by stealing from the company.”

T-Mobile’s Dubious Map Duality

“T-Mobile has 2 coverage maps. The one they show customers and the real one that is internal shows the actual coverage. Diminishes by about 50%. Their coverage is built on a bed of lies!“

College Admission Concessions

“I used to work in college admissions. Rich donors, athletes, and other VIPs have lower admission criteria. They still have minimums, but they’re super easy to reach, even for a “selective” university.

In the case of the university I worked for (BYU), children of General Church Authorities also got this.”

Sprite’s Secret Identity

“Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero were the exact same thing. They didn’t change the recipe one bit. They just changed the name and design.“

Comic Book Capers

“I worked at a comic book store that offered a service where you paid a small premium to have sent in rare comics to have them graded at CGC. A few months later we had many customers coming in to check the status of their comics. We contacted the owner to see what was going on, and he would always claim that there was some distribution problem. Fast forward a few months, we found out he was taking customers graded copies and selling them online while trying to return back issue versions of their original comics.“

Hotel Horrors Hidden

“I worked for a MAJOR hotel chain in housekeeping for over 10 years. The number of suicides and people who die naturally in their rooms is a lot higher than you’d think. I worked at a huge convention hotel with over 1000 rooms and it happened quite often. Unless it was a pretty gnarly mess it would just get cleaned like normal and the next guest had no idea.“

Frozen Treat Formula Revealed

“One gallon of milk, one full bottle of Monin vanilla syrup and .6 of a pound of espresso brewed. Now freeze it. Boom! Joe Mugg’s frozen cappuccino.“

Mac & Cheese Masquerade

“At a local deli/grocery store I worked at, everyone raved about how good their mac and cheese is, and it always sold really quick when I worked in the deli. It’s even labeled on the menu as [Store]’s famous mac n cheese…

It’s literally just Stouffer’s, we didn’t even add anything to it”

Pre-send Secrets of Live Chat

“If you were on Live Chat with Customer Care, I could see what you were typing before pressing send.

I watched people work through grotesque, racist, sexist statements, fraudulent lies and mistruths, meticulous grammar fixes, and their whole range of emotions in real time before deleting and typing “ok.””

Home Depot’s Hidden Intercom Hack

“If you pick up a wall phone at Home Depot and push ‘7’ it activates the store wide intercom. This works in every store in my province afaik“