10 People Share the Moment They Knew They’d Never Get Along With Someone

We’ve all been there—those awkward beginnings when you meet someone new and within moments, you just know it’s not going to pan out. Here are some real slice-of-life encounters, shared by Redditors, where it became crystal clear that friendship or even cordial relations were off the table.

When Politics and Graphic Photos Collide

“Yes, this guy hopped into our discord group a few months back; he was a friend of a friend, who didn’t think to just add him to our server, not our group chat. We all hop into a call, and first thing he does is make some remarks that are very politically sensitive, sends some graphic photos, and made some inappropriate remarks. Didn’t expect to meet someone and have him offend 6 people in the span of 10 minutes.”

Talk about a virtual splash landing—and not the good kind. This is the kind of person who brings the chill to a chat room by setting the virtual house on fire.

Misunderstood Intimidation

“’You don’t scare me.’

Wasn’t trying to scare you in the slightest.”

Short and not so sweet. Sometimes just a few words are all it takes to let you know someone’s got a chip on their shoulder the size of Everest.

A Blunt Misogynist

“Told me ‘Yeah, all women are bitches, you included. No offense.’ Within the first 2 minutes of knowing me.”

Imagine a “No offense” powerful enough to undo outright rudeness. It’s like trying to fix a broken window with sticky tape. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t work.

Grim Reaper or New Bestie?

“Parent of one of my kid’s friends at school said there was a mouse in their house, and his wife wanted him to kill it, but he didn’t want to kill any creatures – he wants to make friends with them instead…”

The narrative twists and turns like a maze, leading us to a gruesome finale of misguided mercy. It’s safe to say that anyone who finds torture preferable to quick dispatching may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Flirting Fail

“Years ago, me and my ex-husband went to see a movie with an older colleague of his… he very confidently told us how he came there a lot and flirted with the female staff because ‘they love the attention’. The best part? His daughter worked there.”

Nothing like a side serving of discomfort with your popcorn. The combination of misplaced confidence and questionable conduct is enough to leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.

Hug It Out… Or Maybe Don’t

“When a mutual friend introduces you and you go to greet them, and they deny it and proudly exclaim ‘I’m a hugger,’ and then go in for an unwanted hug.”

Boundaries, people! Not respecting someone’s personal space is a red flag dressed as a teddy bear. Beware the hugger!

Interview Interrupted

“I was in a job interview once, and the manager cut me off mid-sentence to jump to a weird conclusion…”

If someone’s more interested in completing your sentences than hearing what you have to say, it’s less of a dialogue and more of a monologue. Or a soliloquy at best.

Ghosts at the Water Cooler

“’There are different levels to being a psychic, I’m on the purple level so I can talk to the dead,’ said a new employee at my previous job.”

The workday chat certainly got a spectral upgrade. When your colleague brings more than just their lunch to the break room, it might be a bit much.

HR’s Personal Interest

“’I know I’m not supposed to ask, but I need to know. It’s not for work or anything– what religion are you?’- HR manager”

Usually, HR is where you learn the rules, not where they’re broken. When your HR manager delves into the personal right out of professional bounds, it’s time to tighten the privacy settings on your life.

Coffee Breaks and Death Threats

“New guy at work, first coffee break he started complaining about his ex who had full custody of the kids for some unknowable reason and also how he’d like to slash her throat with a rusty knife.”

It’s not the caffeine that’ll make your heart race this time. Someone missed the memo on casual coffee convo 101.

Each of these moments, as peculiar, horrifying, or awkward as they may be, serve as reminders that the world is a vast tapestry of personalities. And sometimes, we find out pretty quickly which threads we’d rather not weave into our own life’s fabric. So, next time you have that gut feeling within the first few minutes of meeting someone new, trust it. But also, brace yourself for a story that might just end up in a listicle one day.