Chunky Neighborhood Cat Wins Hearts as Donut Shop's Most Loyal Customer!

Chunky Neighborhood Cat Wins Hearts as Donut Shop’s Most Loyal Customer!

“[The] line starts behind this guy …”

My alarm buzzes, and it’s not even light out, but I can’t hit snooze. There’s excitement in the air, and I’ve got to get to Chickenbutt Donuts. The beloved scent of fresh donuts beckons, and I’m not the only one answering the call.

“[The] line starts behind this guy,” Chickenbutt Donuts proclaimed on Facebook.

Picture of Oreo waiting at the door of the bakery
Photo Credit: Facebook/Chickenbutt Donuts

I’m not talking about myself being early; it’s Oreo, the fluffiest, most adorable community member, who’s always there first. I see him curled up, patiently waiting for the first bite of deliciousness. Oreo loves donuts just as much as any sweet-toothed human.

Oreo and I share something special; we both know the joy of the first fresh donut of the day—though, he’s always there before me. As I join the queue, I catch Oreo casting me a glance. In his eyes, there’s a mischief only a treat-seeking cat knows.

Another image of Oreo
Picture Source: Facebook/Chickenbutt Donuts

You’d think he’s all about play, but Oreo’s determined. He won’t socialize until he has his prize—a fresh donut just for him. Chickenbutt’s staff ensures his health comes first, always armed with nutritious cat food for him. Yet sometimes…

“Chonky boy got his donut, y’all!” the bakery shared on Facebook.

Oreo with a donut
Image Courtesy of: Facebook/Chickenbutt Donuts

I smile as I watch him dig in; there’s nothing like sharing happiness over food, especially when it’s as tasty as this. As I take my own bite, amidst the morning bustle of Chapin, it’s clear why Oreo is the heart of our corner in White Rock.

He’s not just a cat—he’s a legend, and I’m just one of many thrilled to see his story go viral. A good morning indeed, and it all starts with a line at the door of Chickenbutt Donuts, behind an enthusiastic furry friend.

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