Dog Who Was Fed Only Sausage And Eggs Goes On Epic Weight Loss Journey

Sweet Tomato, a Chihuahua, weighed a staggering 30 pounds, three times her ideal weight, when she arrived at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Her previous diet, mostly sausage and eggs, had led to her shocking size. Patty Stanton from Muttville described her as the most obese dog they had ever seen. Struggling to walk even a few steps without collapsing, Sweet Tomato’s condition was dire.

Recognizing the severity of her health issues, the team at Muttville knew adoption wasn’t an option until she improved. She was placed in a foster home to start her weight loss journey. Initially, Sweet Tomato could barely walk, but as the pounds shed, her mobility returned. She began to run, and her joy was palpable.

After three months, Sweet Tomato lost 10 pounds, and six weeks later, she was down 14 pounds.

The change was dramatic, and running became a delightful activity for her. This transformation turned Sweet Tomato, now named Sox, into a completely new dog, ready for adoption. It wasn’t long before she found her forever home with Amanda. Now, Sox enjoys her days energetically, leaping around with joy and surprising everyone with her newfound agility. Her rescuers at Muttville are overjoyed at her incredible turnaround.