How to Get Your Boyfriend's Brother to Like You

How to Get Your Boyfriend’s Brother to Like You

The beginning of a relationship is an exciting time, but it can also be a bit scary.

When your boyfriend introduces you to his family for the first time, you may feel that he loves you already, but when his brother gives you that annoying sideways glance and picks on your boyfriend for leaving the toilet seat up, it’s natural to want to impress him.

Successfully winning his brother’s approval is a thrilling feeling, but it can be hard work!

Here are some tips on how to get your boyfriend’s brother to like you so that you can have an easier relationship with everyone involved!

How to Get Your Boyfriend’s Brother to Like You

Be Friendly and Genuine

How to Get Your Boyfriend's Brother to Like You

If you’re hoping to get your boyfriend’s brother to like you, the first thing that you must do is be friendly and genuine.

Acting shy or mean won’t give off the impression that you’re kind, caring, and compassionate!

Remember to smile when he’s handing your boyfriend his keys after a night out because he lost all of the house keys. Also, make sure to thank him.

When you are genuine, it’s easier to win the approval of others!

Show Him that You’re Serious About the Relationship

Your boyfriend’s brother can see that you’re a nice girl, but he may not realize how serious your relationship really is.

If you can convince him that your feelings are strong and that you’re willing to commit the time and energy into making the relationship work, then he’ll be more likely to approve of you.

Be Flexible with Your Schedule Around the Family

The most important thing that you can do is to try your best to be flexible around the family.

When you are adaptable with your schedule, it’s easier for everyone in the family to adjust because they know that they don’t have to go out of their way for you if another obligation comes up.

For example, if your boyfriend says that his family is going to see a movie and wants you to come along, try to change something in your schedule so that you can do it.

This makes everyone happy!

Do Something Special for the Family on Occasion

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to do something special for the family on occasion.

Remember that you’re a guest in their home and that it’s your job to make them feel appreciated and loved! If you go out of your way just once to do something nice, then they’ll be more likely to see how lovely you really are.

Here are some things you could do for the family:

Make Dinner Once in a While

How to Get Your Boyfriend's Brother to Like You

Your boyfriend’s family might eat at home or order takeout several times each week, so if you’re comfortable in the kitchen, then making dinner for everyone once in a while can help to show that you care.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that they’ll love the meal you create!

Bring Over a Gift for No Reason

If his mom is in the hospital, you could bring over some balloons or flowers in person to show that you’re thinking of her. This will be very helpful because it’s easier for others to get around when they don’t have to worry about things like where they’ll get their next meal or how they’ll get to the hospital.

Invite them for Dinner Once in a While

If you’re working on getting your boyfriend’s brother to like you, then it will be helpful if he sees that you really are willing to go out of your way for his family. You can let him know that they’re welcome at your house by asking if you can cook dinner for them whenever they want to come over, and then make it!

Does My Boyfriend’s Brother Fancy Me?

It’s understandable that you’re concerned about the answer to this question, so let’s go over a few clues that might help to give you an answer.

Most importantly, does your boyfriend know whether or not his brother fancies you? If he knows for sure that his brother likes you, then there’s a pretty good chance that this is the case!

How often does he look at you when you’re together? If he’s looking at you a lot, then it might just be because he likes to look at your face! However, if the glances seem to linger for longer than usual and he looks like he wants to stay very close to you, then this could mean that there is more behind his eyes.

If you know what color shirt you’re wearing, then watch for him to comment on it when you’re together. If he makes a point of mentioning your shirt color, then there’s a good chance that he wants to let you know that he likes it.

If his brother is looking at you the way that you want him to look at you, then be sure to give him the best smile you can! If he smiles back, then this could mean that he likes you, too.

Keep in Mind: When You Aren’t Together

It might be a good idea to keep in mind that if your boyfriend’s brother doesn’t like you at first, then this isn’t really your fault – it may just be because you are different from other girls he’s met!

As you get to know each other better, it might be helpful if you can ask him about his interests so that there’s something to talk about. It will also help you to learn more about your boyfriend and his family, which is always a positive thing!

If there comes a time when you want to tell him that you like him, then keep in mind that you shouldn’t say such a thing when your boyfriend is around. This can prevent any embarrassment for both of you and will also allow the two of you the chance to get to know each other better independently – this way it won’t seem like he’s trying too hard if he does eventually confess his feelings to you.

What if My Boyfriend’s Brother Doesn’t Like Me?

If your boyfriend’s brother doesn’t seem to be showing the signs that he likes you, then it might hurt a tiny bit! However, this isn’t really your fault since there are many things that can affect whether or not someone notices someone else.

How does your boyfriend feel about you? If he likes you, then his brother is most likely like you, too! It might be helpful to talk with him about the way his brother feels if this is something he’s concerned about; one of you can always ask the brother for his honest opinion.

If there comes a time when you find out that your boyfriend’s brother doesn’t like you, then you’ll have to wait for his feelings for you to change. You can always try speaking with him about it or hanging out with him so that he gets to know you better!

Wrap Up

If you follow the steps above, then your boyfriend’s brother will be more likely to approve of you. But don’t forget that it might take a while before he warms up to you, so be patient and give him time to realize that you’re willing to go the extra mile.

When he does, then you’ll have made a new friend in his family! And it will make the relationship with your boyfriend even more special because he knows how much you care about everyone!

Asking for her brother’s approval is not only an act of politeness, but it will also show your boyfriend that you respect his family. That’s what he wants in a girlfriend!