How to Get Your Boyfriend's Sister to Like You

How to Get Your Boyfriend’s Sister to Like You

The beginning of a serious relationship can be extremely exciting. It’s a time for getting to know your boyfriend’s family and friends and making memories that will last a lifetime.

As well as that though, it’s also a time when people may begin to notice that you and your boyfriend are spending a lot of time together.

His sister is likely to be one of those people, and it’s important to make sure she approves of you if you want things to go smoothly.

How to Get Your Boyfriend’s Sister to Like You

Be Friendly and Genuine

How to Get Your Boyfriend's Sister to Like You

If you’re hoping to get your boyfriend’s sister on your side, I’ve got some advice for you: be friendly and genuine.

Be yourself and treat her with respect. Don’t hide your true personality; she’ll see through that in a heartbeat. You want to be the type of person that his sister will like and respect. Always be friendly and polite when you’re around her, and it won’t take long until she likes you too.

Your boyfriend’s sister can tell a lot about you just by first impressions. Make sure that when she first meets you, it’s obvious that you’re kind and friendly.

It doesn’t matter if it’s her birthday and the gifts didn’t arrive on time, or she has terrible morning sickness and needs someone to pick up some tampons for her. If you’re the type of person who will drop everything and help out without complaining, she’ll appreciate you.

Remember that your relationship with her won’t always be smooth sailing; there may be times when you disagree or fight. However, it’s important to talk about issues by focusing on solutions instead of assigning blame. No one wants to feel like they’re constantly on trial.

When you focus on the solution, she’ll understand that you’re on her side and want to help. Plus, it shows your maturity and can give you a chance to show off some of your true characters.

And of course, don’t forget: If at first, she doesn’t seem to like you, never give up. Just remember to be friendly and genuine, and she’ll come around eventually!

Show Her that You’re Serious About the Relationship

How to Get Your Boyfriend's Sister to Like You

Your boyfriend’s sister is much more likely to approve of you if she sees that you’re serious about the relationship.

Remember that the dynamic in your boyfriend’s family is likely to be different from yours. She may have a closer relationship with him than you do.

Remember, for example, what it’s like when your little sister borrows something of yours without asking? You might not want her to use it, but you don’t go around telling her off for it immediately.

If your boyfriend’s sister feels like you’re not serious about the relationship and that you haven’t earned his trust yet, she might become distrustful of you. She’ll be concerned that he might get hurt.

So how can you show her that you’re serious about the relationship?

Here are 4 ways you can show your boyfriend’s sister that you’re serious about the relationship:

1) Give him space.

If he seems like he wants to hang out with her, respect his wishes. After all, she is his sister! And if they go off together for a day or an evening together do not criticize or complain about it afterward. Remember, you’re dating him, not his sister.

2) Give her a chance.

Remember that she’s your boyfriend’s sister and that he loves her, but that doesn’t mean that she has to be part of your life if you don’t want her to be. If there are things about her personality or the relationship between the two of you that you don’t like, try to understand why she’s behaving that way. If you can demonstrate that you’re understanding and supportive of the relationship between your boyfriend and his sister, it will definitely impress her.

3) Try not to hurt him in front of her.

If things ever get really bad with his sister and there is a total falling out, even though you have a lot of sympathy for your boyfriend don’t let him say anything bad about his sister in front of you. If she’s speaking badly of him and the things that he does wrong, it’s OK to listen but also try to remain neutral as possible.

This will help show her that you’re not going to take sides.

4) Be a source of support for her.

She’s going to want you to be there for him if she ever needs someone to fall back on, and that includes her.

Give her an opportunity to learn about this new relationship too, listen to how she feels about it and let her get used to the idea that this person that she’s known all her life is in a new relationship.

And of course, don’t forget: If at first, she doesn’t seem to like you, never give up! Just remember to be friendly and genuine, and she’ll come around eventually!

Nice Things to Say to Your Boyfriend’s Sister

To get on your boyfriend’s sister’s good side, you might need to put in some effort. However, it definitely won’t be a wasted effort! If she likes you, she’ll be more likely to support the relationship between you and her brother.

You know that relationships are about compromise. You have to try to get along with your boyfriend’s sister, even though she’s not exactly your cup of tea.

If you can show her that you’re reasonable and willing to meet her halfway, it will definitely go a long way!

Here are some nice things to say:

“It was really nice talking to you the other day.”

If your boyfriend’s sister is protective of him, then she’s probably concerned that you’ll hurt him. If you’ve already been on a few dates and have had a chance to talk, try saying something like this to show her that you’re thoughtful and open to the relationship.

“I can see why he likes you.”

She might not want her brother dating anyone because she doesn’t want him to get hurt. If you can demonstrate that you’re a good match for her brother, it might make her think twice about being so protective of him.

“You have [insert positive trait].”

Everyone loves being complimented! If you let your boyfriend’s sister know what it is about her that makes her special, it will definitely put you in her good graces.

If all else fails, just be you! Your boyfriend’s sister might pick up on your discomfort if you’re trying too hard to impress her. Sometimes the best thing is, to be honest; it shows that you’re confident and spontaneous enough to not let other people’s opinions affect you!

What to Do if Your Boyfriend’s Sister Is Ruining Your Relationship

Sometimes, a boyfriend’s sister can seriously put a damper on your relationship. No matter how nice you are to her, she might think that you’re not good enough for her brother.

Here’s what to do if this is the case:

1) Don’t take it personally.

It helps to remind yourself that this isn’t about anything that you’ve done. Sometimes, people just have a certain type that they’re attracted to. If he likes you, then she should try to be more supportive of your relationship!

2) Try not to let her get between the two of you.

The last thing that you want is for your boyfriend’s sister to create a rift between the two of you. The best thing that you can do is to be vocal about how much you like him, and reassure him that it’s not her fault if the two of you aren’t getting along.

3) Take steps to make your boyfriend happy.

If he wants to spend more time with his sister, then maybe letting him talk to her will help. Try to be flexible, but don’t let them get too close if you’re uncomfortable with it.

If your boyfriend’s sister is absolutely toxic and refuses to change her behavior, then maybe it would be wise to take some time apart from him. It’s definitely better than having his sister come between you two!

5 Signs Your Boyfriend’s Sister Doesn’t Like You

It can be difficult to tell whether or not your boyfriend’s sister likes you, especially if she seems friendly to everyone else. However, keep an eye out for these signs that her dislike is more personal:

1) She gives off a “cold” demeanor.

If she doesn’t exactly seem happy to see you, there might be a reason for it beyond trying to act polite. It might be awkward if you try to give her a hug, only to have her stiffen up and pull away from you. This is especially common if she has always had a relationship with him that was closer than any he’s had with anyone else.

2) She lets her jealousy show.

If your boyfriend’s sister makes snide comments to you or otherwise tries to undermine your relationship with him, she might be jealous. If his sister doesn’t want to let the two of you get too close, then maybe it would be best to take some time apart from each other.

3) She has no interest in getting along with you.

Sometimes, people just aren’t on the same wavelength. Maybe she feels like you’re trying to be nice and polite when she’d rather have someone able to tell it like it is. If your boyfriend’s sister doesn’t want to try and get used to you, letting her talk with him might help her see things from a different perspective.

4) She talks about you behind your back.

If your boyfriend’s sister is trying to subtly (or not) talk you down behind your back, it’s definitely a sign of contempt for you and your relationship with him. However, you might be able to turn things around if you talk to him about it; sometimes, all that his sister wants is for him to set clear boundaries between you two.

5) She has a habit of making fun of your social awkwardness.

If she seems to have a habit of picking on the things that make you look innocent or naive, it’s definitely not a compliment! If his sister doesn’t want to give you a chance, you might have to let him spend time with her alone to show that you’re not trying to take him from his sister.

After all, if she doesn’t want you as part of the family, then it’s probably for the best if he keeps his distance!

How to Bond with Your Boyfriend’s Sister

The best way to bond with your boyfriend’s sister is to find things that you have in common.

It helps if these are hobbies or interests that your boyfriend doesn’t have. If she likes reading, you can try starting a book club with her!

It’s also important not to talk badly about your boyfriend in front of her.

You never know what she might say later when he isn’t around. If the two of you don’t get along, it might be best not to spend time together.

Some other ways that you could get closer with your boyfriend’s sister are by asking him about her job or talking about how much you enjoy spending time with him!

Just make sure that she knows how happy he makes you, but don’t come across as if you want to take him from her.

If your boyfriend’s sister is absolutely toxic and refuses to change her behavior, then maybe it would be wise to take some time apart from him. It’s definitely better than having his sister come between you two!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a good idea of how to get your boyfriend’s sister to like you!

Although she might not want to let the two of you be close, it certainly isn’t impossible for her to come around. You can even show her that there are ways for the three of you to spend time together!

As long as his sister accepts your relationship, then nothing else matters. Make sure that she knows how much he loves you!