Pit Bull Sobs Like A Baby After Mom’s Death And Begs UPS Driver To Give Him A Home

Lonely Pit Bull Finds New Home with Kind-hearted UPS Driver

Let me tell you about Katie, a UPS driver for 15 years. She’s the kind of person who loves all the neighborhood dogs, always stopping to give them treats. That’s how she met Leo, this super sweet pit bull, and his owner, Tina.

So, Katie was heartbroken when she found out Tina had passed away. Leo was left all alone, mourning. His human brother, Canon, was away in the marines, and Katie just couldn’t stop thinking about how Leo was coping.

One day, Katie finds Leo in her car, and he just wouldn’t let her leave without him. She decides, “Hey, I’m gonna take care of Leo until Canon’s back.” Leo fits right in with her other dogs. He’s got this chill vibe that just makes everyone love him.

There were days when Leo missed Tina so much, he’d just cry himself to sleep. But his new doggie siblings were always there to cheer him up. Before long, Katie realizes there’s no way she can let Leo go. She’s become his new mom.

Katie officially adopts Leo, and guess what? He’s got his smile back, feeling all safe and loved in his new home. It’s like he’s got a brand-new lease on life with his dog family.

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