He Thought His Dog Died In The Rapids—10 Days Later, She Comes Running

Lost in the Forest for 10 Days, Loyal Dog Finally Reunites with Owner

You know that feeling when you come home and your dog just goes nuts with excitement? Their tails wagging like crazy, those big eyes shining with joy? It’s like, for that moment, everything in the world is just perfect. Well, this story I’m about to share, it’s something else!


So, there’s this dog, Kali, a mix of Golden Retriever and Collie. Imagine this: Kali gets swept away by these wild rapids up in Canada. Her owner, right, he’s totally heartbroken. Guess what happens next? Kali survives in the forest, all alone, for 10 whole days! Can you believe it?

Now, here’s the tear-jerker part: her owner drives non-stop for 20 hours just to get back to her. I mean, talk about love, right? This is like one of those movie moments, but it’s real life!

You gotta share this story. It’s not just heartwarming, it’s like a reminder of how amazing our furry friends are and the incredible bonds we share with them.

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