Man Returned To Adopt The Dog He Rescued, And The Pup Couldn’t Be Happier

Man Saves Puppy with Mange and Later Adopts Him

Let me tell you about this guy, Joey Wagner, from Nova Scotia, who totally saved this Pit Bull puppy. The poor little guy was suffering from mange and looking really rough. Joey didn’t hesitate for a second; he scooped him up and rushed him to the vet. Talk about being a hero, right?


And here’s where it gets even better. The folks at the clinic, they decided that a regular adoption just wouldn’t do for this pup, named Mojo. They knew exactly who Mojo needed – Joey himself. It was like fate or something.


So, when Joey dropped by the clinic to check on Mojo, man, you should have seen it. Mojo just lit up the moment he saw Joey again. It was like he knew he was meeting his forever buddy. Now, Mojo is three, healthy as can be, and living the good life with Joey and his family. Everyone says he’s just thriving and is super loved.

You gotta see the video of their reunion. It’s too heartwarming to miss. And hey, share this story around; it’s one of those that just makes you feel good inside.