Guy Quits Corporate Job And Drinking To Save Every Street Dog

Man Trades Corporate Hustle to Rescue and Feed Hundreds of Street Dogs

Let me tell you about Niall, this incredible guy in Thailand. He used to be all about the corporate grind, but he flipped the script in a big way. Now, he’s out there every day feeding around 800 stray dogs. And whenever one of them is hurt, he’s right there to rescue and get them medical help.


It’s a huge task, with so many strays out there, but Niall keeps at it. He’s even set up a sanctuary, cramming in as many pups as possible and working tirelessly to find them forever homes.


So, Niall’s backstory is something else. He was doing well in the media world, even had his own company. But deep down, he was struggling big time with depression and alcoholism. He was chasing the typical dream – fancy house, shiny car, all that stuff. But after a scary brush with death in the hospital, he realized none of that mattered. He wanted something more.


Niall’s new mission in life? Saving dogs. It’s a tale of finding purpose, doing good, and loads of doggy cuddles. He’s a modern-day hero in my book! To see more of his incredible story, check out the video.

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