Missing Dog Travels 1,300 Miles To Learn That Her Old Owner Doesn’t Want Her Anymore

Missing Dog Travels 1,300 Miles To Learn That Her Old Owner Doesn’t Want Her Anymore

A sweet Pit Bull mix from Florida, named Blue, found herself lost on the chilly streets of Michigan, hoping for someone to rescue her. Fortunately, the Humane Society of Midland County came to her aid and brought her to safety, where she was relieved to be off the streets.

Upon examining Blue, the shelter staff discovered that she had a microchip and immediately called the registered owner in Florida. To their astonishment, Blue had been missing for a week, and no one knew how the one-year-old pup had ended up in Michigan.

With the owner eagerly waiting for her beloved pet to return, the shelter staff reached out to social media, seeking volunteers to bring Blue back home. Moved by this heartfelt story, hundreds of compassionate people came forward to help reunite Blue and her owner.

Taking The Trip To Florida

Stephanie James was chosen to drive a lost pup across the country. After taking a vacation, James and her brother went to the shelter to pick up Blue. The moment they saw the sweet dog, they fell in love.

The trio hopped into James’ Chevy Blazer and headed to the Sunshine State. Blue became attached to them quickly, resting her head on James’ shoulder during the ride. The pup showered them with love and adorable kisses.

After travelling 1,300 miles, they finally arrived at the owner’s home. The owner’s mom welcomed them as Blue’s 22-year-old owner wasn’t present. Eagerly waiting to see her owner, she recognized her home instantly. Blue started jumping with joy when she arrived.

“She’s a very wiggly, very smart dog. They think she made her way near the freeway and someone picked her up,” James said.

Blue’s owner and her mom shared that they had left the pup in a backyard kennel when they weren’t home. The mystery of how she ended up in Michigan remains, but the joyous reunion was the heartwarming result of this cross-country adventure.

The Shocking News

James was speechless when Blue’s owner revealed she couldn’t commit to taking care of Blue due to her busy schedule. The owner suggested that James should take Blue back to the Michigan shelter.

“With me going to school full-time and working full-time, I can’t commit to the dog. You seem like good people. Blue really likes you. You’ve taken good care of her.”

As James and her brother took Blue to the car, Blue couldn’t stop looking back at her home. James was heartbroken to see the sad and confused expression on Blue’s face.

“We said, ‘It’s gonna be OK, Blue, we love you.'”

Blue would be much happier somewhere else, James believed, and returning her to Michigan was the best decision for the pup. Although James desired to provide Blue with a loving home, she already had four rescue dogs.

Blue wouldn’t wait long to find a family, James reassured herself.

On their way back, James informed the Humane Society about Blue’s situation. The shelter staff swiftly posted an update on social media, leaving Blue’s well-wishers heartbroken upon learning the news.

Blue Finds A Perfect Forever Home

Soon after Blue’s story of returning to the shelter spread, numerous adoption applications started pouring in. People were eager to shower love and affection on this beautiful dog.

Robert Allison, Blue’s new dad, didn’t waste any time and rushed to meet her, just two hours after she was returned to the shelter. Having recently lost his beloved Pit Bull, Allison was looking for another pup to fill the void.

When he heard about Blue, he immediately filled out an adoption application and was thrilled when he received an invitation to meet her. During his lunch break, Allison made his way to the shelter, and the connection between them was instant.

“I walked up and she jumped on me. She definitely took right to me,” Allison said.

That very same day, Blue found herself in her forever home. She quickly settled in, showering her new family with love and affection through daily kisses.

Blue’s previous owner, James, also visited her, and they were both delighted to see each other.

It was a heartwarming moment for everyone involved. Blue finally got the love and care she had always deserved, thanks to the efforts of James, the Humane Society of Midland County, and all those who helped find her a perfect forever home.