Shoppers Feel Heartbroken After They Notice A Sad Face Begging For Help At The Store’s Door

Shoppers Feel Heartbroken After They Notice A Sad Face Begging For Help At The Store’s Door

Stray pups often long for food and safety, hoping for human kindness and compassion to aid them in their struggles. Izzy, a stray dog in need, found herself in this exact situation after giving birth to a litter of puppies.

Seeking support and love from good-hearted humans, Izzy arrived at the front door of a Dollar Store in Jetersville, Virginia. Quietly sitting and peering through the glass door, her eyes brimmed with sadness as she begged to be noticed.

Asking Good Humans For Help

The heartbroken shoppers came to the rescue of a sad Pittie peeking inside the store, her body covered in scratches. These compassionate humans felt enchanted by her beautiful eyes, and were determined to help.

They cuddled and fed the dog, assuring her that she was no longer ignored. Worried for her well-being, they contacted Animal Control to provide help for the now-named Izzy.

Upon meeting Izzy, Animal Control officers realized she was a nursing mother. A thorough search around the store led to the discovery of her adorable fur babies, who were vulnerable, hungry, and in need of a warm home. Their lives were about to change, thanks to the love and dedication of good humans.

Izzy And Her Puppies Have A Roof Over Their Heads

Their rescuers brought Izzy and her puppies to the Amelia Animal Shelter – Virginia, where the staff warmly welcomed them. The following day, they visited a vet.

“Mom and the babies went to the vet today and got checked out, pedicures and some meds to get all of them right on track. Everyone is doing good and eating well,” the shelter shared on Facebook.

Izzy and her babies quickly stole their caregivers’ hearts. The staff loved seeing them happily eat and enjoy the comfort of a safe space.

Soaking Up All The Love The Staffers Give Them

Izzy, a loving shelter dog, received care and affection from the shelter staff while taking breaks from caring for her pups. The staff reassured Izzy that she and her puppies were now in a safe place, with a brighter future.

Shelter staff playing with Izzy.

The staff played with Izzy outside, giving her treats and showering her with love. The joyful pup showed her appreciation with her non-stop wagging tail.

“Izzy’s heart was at ease, knowing that she and her puppies were in good hands.”

Izzy with her adorable pups.

Izzy and her puppies continue to thrive at the shelter, enjoying many snuggles from their shelter friends who adore them. Once healthy enough, they will be put up for adoption, ready to make their future parents happy.

The sweet canine family is showered with love.

Gratitude goes to the kind humans who’ve helped this adorable canine family. Izzy and her sweet puppies deserve a home filled with infinite love and care.