my girlfriend calls me a simp

7 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Calls You A Simp

So, you’re in a relationship with a girl, or maybe you have been in the past.

And she calls you “simp”.

Well if this sounds like something that has happened to you, then this post is for you.

So, what does it mean if your girlfriend calls you a simp?

So, what does it mean if your girlfriend calls you a simp? Being called a simp by your girlfriend is usually an insult for men who are seen as too attentive, submissive, and lacking in independence and confidence. She thinks you will do anything to please her, always give in, and never say no.

As it can mean quite a lot of things, there might be some deeper reasons for why she calls you a simp.

In this post, we’ll discuss the different reasons why your girlfriend may be calling you a simp, and what it means if she does.

7 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Calls You A Simp

Keep reading to find out what these reasons are!

She Thinks You’re Not Independent Enough

my girlfriend calls me a simp

If your girlfriend calls you a simp, it might be because she thinks you’re not independent enough and is trying to tell you to be less dependent on her.

She might think your values and priorities aren’t strong enough and you’re not making the best decisions to take care of yourself and make your life as happy as possible.

She can’t respect you because you’re not respecting yourself.

Your girlfriend may think that you’re not being assertive in getting what you want because you’re too busy trying to be the nice guy who doesn’t rock the boat.

You Rarely Disagree with Her

She may also call you this if you almost never disagree with her opinions and she doesn’t feel like having a live conversation with you.

And the reason she feels this way is because you agree with everything she says, and never offer a new perspective on anything.

She feels like you’re a mindless servant that will come running to do anything she says.

You Allow Her to Do Whatever She Wants

my girlfriend calls me a simp

Another reason is that you always allow her to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, without confronting her.

You let her take control of you.

This is where the word ‘SIMP’ comes from.

You are not standing up for yourself or your wants.

Let’s say she wants to go shopping, but you had some important work to do.

But you allow her to go shopping, even though you know how much work you have to do.

Or she wants to go out with her friends for the night, but you want to stay home.

You go along with her plans for anything and everything because you do not want to make her angry or uncomfortable.

You are afraid to tell her “no”.

You are afraid to disagree with her.

You are afraid to upset her.

Because if you do upset her, she will be angry at you.

She will sulk, she will pout, she will pierce her lip with her finger, she will throw a fit, or she will cry.

You Never Stand up For Yourself

If you never stand up for yourself, your girlfriend will always be able to walk all over you.

She’ll believe she can manipulate you into doing whatever she wants with nothing but her feminine wiles.

Your girlfriend will be sure to make you feel like you are nothing if you are too spineless to stand up for yourself.

If you’re there to pick up the slack for her whenever she makes a mistake, she is going to think that she doesn’t have to do anything for herself.

This means that she can say or do whatever she wants, and you will take it with a smile. To her, this translates into you being a ‘good guy with a good heart’ which is why she will eventually stop seeing you as a possible long-term partner.

She will look for someone who is more assertive, with the confidence to stand up for himself, who will make her feel protected, loved, and respected.

Men are, by nature, more aggressive than women.

When you back down from an argument, you’re causing your woman to feel frustrated with your lack of dominance. She’ll feel like you’re the one always getting walked on.

By not standing up for yourself, you look weak. When she defends you, it looks like she is taking away the pain. She is the hero. You are the zero.

If you are doing something wrong, she will defend you anyway.

She Always Gets Her Way

my girlfriend calls me a simp

Another reason she might call you this term is if you always let her get her way, never having an opinion of your own, or you never question anything she does.

This is why ‘simp’ is not a good term to be called by your girlfriend.

To most women, there is nothing more attractive than a man with a strong opinion and an open mind.

Now her definition of “getting her way” doesn’t mean that you let her take out all your money, leave you for someone better, steal your car, take your kids away, etc.

It simply means that she will often times do something purely for her own benefit (i.e. getting dressed for a party) and you will immediately say, “Okay baby”.

This is something that I have personally seen my girlfriend do.

If this is the case, your girlfriend is probably suggesting that you are not a strong individual and that she can walk all over you.

Whereas with a real man, she wouldn’t have the chance to do that.

Your girlfriend calling you a simp can be a real blow to your ego, especially if she is someone that you really care about.

This isn’t a good situation because it can lead to her having elevated self-esteem and a sense of entitlement to do whatever she likes regardless of the consequences.

She Feels Like You Lack Confidence

Another reason she may call you this word is because she feels you strongly lack confidence, masculinity, or assertiveness.

She may be calling you this because you don’t believe in yourself and therefore she finds you weak and powerless because of your lack of self-confidence.

She finds you to be a “wimp” and finds you uncomfortable to be around because she finds you weak and finds it difficult to respect and love a man whom she finds to be weak and powerless.

Rather than call you out directly, which is likely to cause an argument, she will just call you a simp.

She knows that all you have to do is point out that calling someone a simp is pretty damn offensive and you will stop her from using the word.

She also knows that this will have the added benefit of making you aware of your lack of confidence, which will hopefully inspire you to change your behavior and become a stronger person.

You Can’t Say No

And lastly, your girlfriend might call you a simp if you aren’t able to tell her no, even if you want to.

Being too nice is often a problem in relationships, but what you might not know is that being too nice can be more harmful to your relationship than being too mean.

If you can’t stand up for what you believe in, or if you do things only because you want to please her, you aren’t being a genuine person yourself, and there’s nothing more unattractive than someone who doesn’t stand up for him or herself.

Can You Be a Simp if You Are in A Relationship?

Yes, it’s possible to be a simp while in a relationship.

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that you can get away with not being a strong person.

In fact, if your girlfriend calls you this word it’s probably because she feels that you are not strong, confident, or assertive enough.

You can still have the traits of a simp while in a relationship, even if you are not single.

A simp will always lack the strength and confidence that is necessary to be in a strong and healthy relationship.

This is why it’s important to make sure that you are always acting like the man your girlfriend wants you to be.

If you are not able to live up to your girlfriend’s standards, it is possible for her to lose respect for you and eventually find someone that she is able to respect.

Is Simping a Bad Thing?

While simping is generally with good intentions, it’s still a bad thing.

The reason for this is because there are always consequences to your actions and if you don’t do what needs to be done, your girlfriend will lose respect for you.

If this happens she is likely to leave the relationship and find someone that can meet her needs.

Don’t let this happen to you, be the man that she needs and deserves!

Instead, do what it takes to be the best boyfriend you possibly can.

Final Thoughts

If your girlfriend calls you a simp, it’s important to understand why.

If you know the reason for this, then you will have an easier time being able to prevent it from happening again.

The reason why she will call you this is primarily because of your lack of confidence, masculinity, or assertiveness.

Therefore, when she calls you this word it’s important for you to stand up and be the man that she needs in order to prevent her from losing respect for you.

If you do this, not only will she stop calling you a simp but it’s also likely for your relationship to get better and stronger.

Don’t be the simp, stand up for yourself and your relationship!