my girlfriend calls me a weirdo

Here’s Why Your Girlfriend Calls You A Weirdo

It can be hurtful to hear your girlfriend call you a weirdo.

And also, what does it even mean if your girlfriend calls you a weirdo?

There are many reasons why she might call you that.

It may not be good, but it could also be for good reason.

So, what does it mean if your girlfriend calls you a weirdo? If your girlfriend calls you a weirdo, it’s either because she sees you as someone who is weird or someone who doesn’t seem to take life seriously. Another likely reason is that she might have grown up in a household where they didn’t talk to each other in a nice way.

But, since this term can be used in different ways, we should try to understand the context of why she called you that.

So, in this post, we’ll explore some different possibilities as to why she might call you that.

Why Your Girlfriend Calls You A Weirdo

Here are the most common reasons:

Your jokes are too corny

my girlfriend calls me a weirdo

The first reason she might call you this, is that your jokes are too corny and she wants you to stop telling them. What she really means is that you aren’t funny.

I mean how many times can you tell a joke about a guy getting a dog and the dog going to the bathroom on a newspaper?

You are always wearing weird clothes

The second reason she might be calling you this is if your style is a little kooky – either because of your unique sense of style or because of your unique sense of humor.

Either way, it’s quite different from the other guys out there.

For example, if you are in a room full of guys in suits, and you are in jeans and a casual shirt, she will likely call you a weirdo.

This is because your style in this situation is in stark contrast to the other men’s.

This could be because you are not in the same financial bracket as the other men, or it could be because you are simply more expressive in your dressing.

If you wear a lot of weird clothes, have a hairstyle that could pass as a bird’s nest, or you like to do anything with nail polish (finger painting anyone?) you might be called a weirdo by your girlfriend.

Make sure your style meshes with others, and only do the wild stuff with your friends.

Remember: in most cases, your girl is more in tune with what’s socially acceptable than what is personally fashionable.

You have the worst taste in music

my girlfriend calls me a weirdo

Another reason she calls you this is if you have a strange taste in music, like if you listen to metal, or country, or some other stuff she doesn’t care for.

If you have an extreme hatred of some music that she loves, that qualifies too. You are not what society thinks of as cool, so you are weird in her eyes.

You never take anything seriously

If you never take anything seriously, this could be a reason why your girlfriend calls you a weirdo. Even if serious things happen around you, you don’t take them seriously and instead choose to make them humorous.

She might be seeing you as a fun person or a person who doesn’t have responsibilities or cares about the things that are important in life.

These kinds of traits are really weird for her.

This is because men are expected to be responsible and responsible men are expected to care for the things that are very important in life.

If you are not taking anything seriously then maybe she doesn’t find that attractive at all.

It might make her feel like you don’t care and in the long run, she will simply avoid you in the future if something serious happens.

How to Deal with Your Girlfriend Calling You a Weirdo

You should tell your girlfriend that you are a responsible person.

She may not know that about you.

You may be a responsible person but she might not have a chance to discover that yet.

So, the first thing you should do is to reassure her that you are a responsible person.

You should assure her that even though you may seem a little weird to others, you are a responsible person and you take responsibilities seriously.

You should tell her that she should not be worried about your weird behavior.

You should also tell her that you love and respect other people’s opinions but at the end of the day, you know who you are as a person and you know what makes you a good boyfriend to her.


In the end, if she sees you as a weirdo, it’s because, in your actions and your thoughts, you are not what society deems as an appropriate man.

For example, if she sees how much importance you place on sports, and you are not physically fit, she will think less of you.

If there is something that society considers appropriate to be an adult man (like sports) and you can’t keep up, she will assume that either there’s something wrong with you, or maybe she is not attracted to the things that society deems appropriate.

Either way, you need to step up your game and be the man she wants to see in her life!