my girlfriend called me stupid

My Girlfriend Calls Me Stupid: Here’s What You Should Do

In relationships, it’s super important to be able to understand yourself and your partner.

If you have a girlfriend who often calls you “stupid”, then this may be the article that will help you understand her better.

A girlfriend can date a guy for many various reasons, and sometimes she’s just not in the right relationship.

I know this is very specific and based on my own experiences with friends, but if you take away anything from this post it should be how to handle yourself in this kind of relationship.

Girls are more emotional creatures, so they often get very upset over the smallest things.

A Real-Life Example of My Girlfriend Calling Me Stupid

my girlfriend called me stupid

I’ll give you an example of how my current girlfriend gets mad at me for being “stupid”, but just bear with me because there’s a lesson to learn here.

A while ago we were having a conversation about a certain subject and I said a thing that I thought was completely correct.

My girlfriend replied “that’s not the right answer”, but she couldn’t provide me with any reasoning behind it, so I just disregarded her comment.

Since then this has been an ongoing issue in our relationship because every now and then she gets mad at me for being stupid simply because I disagreed with her.

The reason why she gets so mad is not important, but the thing you should take away from this is how to handle such a situation in your own relationship.

I know what you’re thinking: “What do you mean?”

Well, when someone calls you stupid it really hurts your emotions, but that’s probably exactly what you need to hear at this point.

Staying calm and trying to understand the girl is very important in this kind of situation because she gets so emotional over every little thing.

I know it’s hard sometimes because girls can become very mean when they’re mad, but don’t take anything personally.

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Calls You Stupid

I know you probably think this is crazy, but try to understand why she got mad.

Girls are often very emotional, so you need to keep that in mind when talking or arguing with them.

People get mad for many different reasons, and if your girlfriend tells you that something is stupid then it may just be what was on her mind.

The simplest answer may be that she doesn’t like a certain subject, and not everything has to be a huge argument.

It’s okay to disagree with your girlfriend from time to time, but make sure you always discuss the topic in a friendly way because it really makes a difference.

Have A Friendly Conversation

If you still think she was wrong, then sit down and talk to her about it in a friendly way.

You can tell your girlfriend that you’re sorry if something is on your mind, but if it’s not then don’t apologize for anything.

Just talking calmly with her may be enough because sometimes people just need someone to listen to them.

It’s okay to be a bit stubborn from time to time, but it can lead your girlfriend into thinking that you’re stupid.

Let her talk and let her know that you heard what she had to say, and try to understand her better.

Tell Her To Be More Reasonable

Sometimes it’s okay to be stubborn, but there are certain things that deserve your attention.

If you don’t agree with the way your girlfriend talks to you or about something then make sure she understands what you feel is wrong.

You may try telling her that calling people names isn’t nice because she wants to understand why you’re upset.

It’s important to be open about how her calling you names makes you feel so she understands and tries to be better.

Some girls may not even know what they’re saying is wrong because they don’t see how it hurts the other person’s feelings.

Talking calmly, apologizing if necessary, and just trying to understand one another can do wonders for any relationship as long as both partners are willing to work with each other.

What It Means When Your Girlfriend Calls You Stupid

It’s really hard to understand all the different emotions that can come with being in a committed relationship, but you should always spend some time understanding your girlfriend.

She’ll spend so much time understanding you so take advantage of this and return the favor when she needs it most.

She Is Having A Bad Day

If your girlfriend calls you stupid then it may just be because she’s having a bad day.

It can be hard to understand someone if they’re always angry or sad, so try being open towards her for that moment.

Your girlfriend isn’t trying to fight with you, she’s just finding an outlet to let her emotions out.

She Wants A Reaction

Some girls are so used to getting reactions from their boyfriends that they keep doing it until they get the answer they want.

You can let your girlfriend know you don’t care about what she has to say if she’s trying to push some buttons.

If your girlfriend is calling you stupid then it’s because she wants to see how much it bothers you, and if you let her see that then she knows you care about what she has to say.

It may not be easy at first, but try and take a step back and not let things bother you as much as they used to.

“You’re So Stupid!”

A lot of girls can get carried away when they get mad, and it may be hard for you to understand what’s going on in their heads.

If she keeps calling you stupid then it might just be because she doesn’t want to admit that everything is okay between the two of you.

It’s easier for a girl to get mad and tell you how she feels, but it may take her a while before she works up the courage to apologize.

Don’t let your girlfriend get away with calling you stupid if there isn’t any reason for it because lots of guys get tired of hearing it.

You can ask your girlfriend to stop if she keeps calling you stupid when there’s no reason for it.

You can also ask her what you did wrong if she clearly has a problem with something, and let her know how you feel about the situation.

Relationships are built on communication because it lets you learn more about each other and grow closer together.

If you take the time to get to know your girlfriend then it can make everything easier in the long run.

Final Thoughts

When your girlfriend calls you stupid, it’s best that you don’t take the comments too personally.

Just try to calm her down and remind her that you’re on the same team.

Don’t start throwing out insults of your own because if she feels like you’re not listening to what she has to say, then she will feel even more alone.

If things do manage to escalate, then it’s time to call a temporary truce.

Just say something like “I’m sorry that you’re upset but insulting me isn’t going to solve anything.”

Then end the conversation with an “I love you” and hope for the best.

It might be hard at first, but try not to take her comments to heart.

If you can manage to do this, then I promise that things will start getting better between the two of you.

Until next time!