Neglected Dog With Dreadlocks Thanks His Rescuers The Moment He Sees Them

Neglected Dog With Dreadlocks Thanks His Rescuers The Moment He Sees Them

Back in September, Puppy Kitty NYCity became aware of a Facebook post about a dog and cat who were being severely neglected. They needed help fast, so rescuers headed out to collect them and bring them to safety. When they saw the dog, Noodle, for the first time, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

“I have never seen such a matted dog,” Meagan Licari, president of Puppy Kitty NYCity, told The Dodo.

Noodle was not only skinny and starving, but his fur was so severely matted that it had actually caused a hernia. It hurt for him to move and for anyone to touch him — but despite it all, Noodle was over the moon to see his rescuers and couldn’t contain how grateful he was.

“Despite being so horribly treated, he was always so loving and even wagged his tail even with the heavy, heavy mats on them,” Licari said.

@puppykittynyc Noodle is off to the vet with his new aunties! His fur is so painful it was almost impossible to get a harness and leash on him. He will need a sedated shave and and an exam. We have no idea how he is still so sweet even though he faced horrible abuse. We will keep you all posted. How to Donate: •Venmo – @puppykittynycity – search under business account •PayPal us – •Visit our website #puppykittynycity #savealife #catsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #puppykittypups #dogs #dogsofinsta #rescued #rescueismyfavoritebreed #adoptdontshop #dogster ♬ original sound – puppykittynycity

In the car on the way to the vet, Noodle leaned into his rescuers and gave them kisses. Even though he’d only just met them, he could tell they were bringing him to safety.

Noodle had to be sedated in order to shave all of the mats off of him, but afterward, he already felt so much better. Throughout the process, he never stopped showing love to all his new friends, and his rescuers knew he was going to make the best new member of a very lucky family.

“He was adopted right away since everyone was so invested in his story,” Licari said.

Noodle is now doing wonderfully and absolutely thriving in his new home. He went from neglected to loved beyond belief, and he remained the same happy, loving dog throughout it all.“