Security Cameras Capture Shelter Dog’s Accidental Escape From Kennel

Security Cameras Capture Shelter Dog’s Accidental Escape From Kennel

Recently, an agent at the Niagara SPCA was monitoring the live security feed and saw something unusual in one of their areas. The footage showed a lineup of 16 kennels, with one of the chainlink doors slightly open.

Then, a head emerged.

The agent was astonished to see Bugsy, their longtime shelter resident and known jokester, gazing directly into the camera.

The kennel doors at Niagara SPCA are typically locked when staff are away. However, a mechanical glitch led to Bugsy’s door opening by accident, and the playful dog was somewhat puzzled by her sudden freedom.

Fortunately, this charming moment was caught on the security camera.

You can see the footage here:

During the first few minutes, Bugsy playfully moved in and out of her kennel, exploring the limits of her unexpected escape. Once she realized no one was around, she scampered down to her best friend Kane’s kennel to invite him to join in the fun.

SPCA agents arrived shortly after, and the joyful pup excitedly greeted them, her tail wagging energetically.

Bugsy obediently returned to her kennel as soon as Officer Bondi requested her to.

Today, Bugsy resides in the same kennel, still waiting for her ideal family to discover her. Her friends at Niagara SPCA are charmed by her antics and look forward to seeing her daily, yet they eagerly anticipate finding her a forever home.

Although Bugsy has an endearing personality, her distinctive appearance has regrettably made it challenging for her to find a home. Nevertheless, the team at Niagra SPCA is committed to finding the perfect person for their cherished canine.

“Bugsy’s perfect owner is out there,” Niagara SPCA shared on Facebook. “Maybe it’s someone who’s a bit clumsy themselves and will love her not just despite, but for all her peculiarities. Beneath her protruding eyes, her snorts, and her awkwardness lies a joyous dog waiting for someone to embrace her just as she is.”

As it stands, Bugsy is still in search of a permanent home.

Her caregivers at Niagara SPCA are more than willing to provide her shelter as long as necessary, but they believe it won’t be long before the right person recognizes how extraordinary she is.

“Everything about her is incredibly amusing,” the Niagara SPCA mentioned in a previous Facebook update. “She’s really charming and has a fantastic character.”