Swollen-Faced Pup Found Tied to Fence Transforms After Rescue

Swollen-Faced Pup Found Tied to Fence Transforms After Rescue

In the Spring of 2019, volunteers with Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL) responded to a distressing call about a wounded pup tied to a fence. The severity of the situation only became clear upon their arrival.

What they found was not just a dog in distress, but one whose appearance was drastically altered due to his injuries. “His face was swelled up about [five] times the size it should be,” SRSL shared in a heart-wrenching Facebook post. The neglected wounds had left the dog suffering under the harsh sun.

The rescue team, upon seeing the helpless dog they later named Marco, sprang into action. Marco had been waiting for days, filled with pain yet hopeful for rescue.

SRSL immediately cut Marco free and took him to their animal hospital. The diagnosis was grim – Marco was septic, requiring extensive treatment including IVs, antibiotics, and other medications.

The backstory of Marco’s life before rescue hinted at a history of dog fighting. Despite this, his capacity for love and trust in humans remained unbroken. As he fought for his life, Marco’s gratitude and affection for his rescuers were evident.

Marco’s recovery was nothing short of miraculous. The once swollen and unrecognizable dog slowly revealed his true face, regaining health and happiness.

After recovering, Marco entered foster care and quickly found a forever home with Katie, his foster mom, who couldn’t resist adopting him. Today, Marco enjoys a life full of love, comfort, and playful antics with his new family and fellow SRSL dogs.

Katie later described Marco in a Facebook note: “Marco is spoiled rotten… really rotten. He’s the perfect mix of silly, sweet, smart, and protective.” Marco’s days are now filled with joy, from stealing blankets to watching the neighborhood from his favorite bay window.

Katie’s love for Marco shines through in every update. “He’s still just the cutest little man with his head tilts,” she shared. “We love our baby boy, Marco!”