Woman Shocked to Find Abandoned, Hairless Dog on Her Fence

Woman Shocked to Find Abandoned, Hairless Dog on Her Fence

One chilly January morning, Nichole received a startling text from a friend that would forever alter her life. The message stated, “This dog is literally on your fence,” accompanied by a photo. Nichole found a frail, frightened, hairless dog perched atop the fence outside her home, abandoned there. Without hesitation, Nichole and her fiancé jumped into action.

“After we brought her indoors, we immediately sought veterinary care for her,” Nichole shared on Facebook. “She was feverish at 104 degrees, suffering from mange, completely bald, and riddled with worms and cuts. Despite her young age, she had clearly been bred multiple times.”

They named her Princess and devoted themselves to her comfort. Seeing her so despondent and defeated deeply affected the couple.

Soon after her rescue, Princess temporarily went to local animal control during an investigation. The couple eagerly anticipated her return, having already decided to adopt her.

Once Princess was back home, she began to acclimatize to her new surroundings. Her new parents were prepared for a long journey of recovery, committed to nurturing her trust and proving that the world can be a kind place.

Gradually, Princess regrew her fur and her smile blossomed. She developed strong connections with her furry siblings and her human parents. Today, she’s a transformed dog.

Princess’s lowest point was the day she was tied to that fence. Little did she know, it was the beginning of a life filled with unconditional love.