Man Catches His Dog Having Fun In The Kiddie Pool

Teal the Labrador Finds Endless Joy in Her Very Own Kiddie Pool

Let me tell you about Teal, this super cute Black Labrador who’s all about the outdoor life. But when the heat kicks in, just like us, she needs to cool off. So, what do her owners do? They get her a kiddie pool, and let me tell you, it’s her new favorite thing.


Labradors and water are like two peas in a pod, but Teal? She’s on another level. She’s got this kiddie pool, and she’s absolutely living for it. Splashing around, swimming, just being a total goofball – it’s like watching a kid have the time of their life in the water.

You’ve got to see this video of Teal in her pool. It’s pure joy in dog form. It’ll totally brighten your day!

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