74-Year-Old Jumps On Top Of Alligator To Save Golden Retriever

WATCH: 74-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Alligator to Save Her Beloved Dog

You’ve got to hear this incredible story about Suzan Marciano, a 74-year-old woman. Suzan and her Golden Retriever mix, Nalu, were just enjoying their usual walk in a Florida park – a place they’d strolled through countless times. But this time, things took a terrifying turn.

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Out of nowhere, an alligator lunged at Nalu. Without even thinking, Suzan jumped into action, literally throwing herself onto the gator to save Nalu. It was this incredible moment of courage and love. Thankfully, Nalu is okay because of what Suzan did.

Now, both Suzan and Nalu are still recovering from that scary encounter, but they’re grateful to be alive and together. The bond between them is just so strong.

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Suzan’s been walking with her two dogs at the Burt Aaronson South County Regional Park in Boca Raton for about eight years. That fateful day, Nalu was off-leash and wandered near the shore. Before Suzan knew it, an alligator grabbed Nalu. Suzan’s instinctive reaction was to fight off the alligator with her bare hands.

After the attack, Suzan was in shock. She just wanted to go home and relax, but her friend insisted she go to the hospital. And it was a good call – she ended up needing six stitches on her hand. Nalu had puncture wounds and needed two hours of surgery.

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Despite this traumatic experience, Suzan says she and Nalu aren’t going to stop visiting their favorite park. They’ll just be more careful, especially near the water. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission didn’t find any gators in the lake, but with alligator attacks on the rise in Florida, it’s always good to be cautious.

Suzan said something that really stuck with me: “If I hadn’t done what I did, I would have lost her, and that would have been even more horrific for me.” It just shows the incredible love and bravery she has for her dog.

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