‘Tiny’ Pup Rescued From Puppy Mill Is Introduced To A New Friend To Start His New Life

WATCH: Rescued Puppy and Kitten Meet, Marking New Beginnings for Both

Have you heard about Ruggles and Chompers? Ruggles, this tiny Shih-Tzu pup, was rescued from a puppy mill, and then he met his new pal, Chompers, a kitten found all alone under a porch. Their first meeting? Totally heart-melting, and there’s this video you’ve just got to see.


Despite their rough beginnings, both Ruggles and Chompers are now thriving and living their best lives in loving forever homes. Ruggles even became an ambassador for the Cherokee County Animal Shelter – the place that saved him. He’s out there visiting schools, teaching kids about shelter dogs and the sad reality of puppy mills.

But hey, about them being adopted together – turns out, Chompers got a little too rough for little Ruggles. So, for the sake of both their health and happiness, they were adopted separately. They’re both super loved and happy in their new homes.

Check out the video to see their adorable first encounter. And remember to ‘SHARE’ this uplifting tale!