why do guys always want to hug me

This is Why Guys Always Want To Hug You

Some girls experience this more than others, but most girls have had at least one guy come up to them and ask for a hug.

There are many reasons why guys act like this when they want to hug someone, but there is always one constant factor – girls love hugs!

Why Guys Always Want To Hug You

Let’s go over the most common reasons why guys in general love to hug you.

To Show Affection

One of the most common reasons why guys like to hug is because they want to show affection.

They can tell when someone has done something nice for them, and when they feel happy with the person who has done this for them, they want to show that person that they care.

It is something that shows that they like the person, and will want to continue doing nice things for them.

To Say Thanks

Another common reason why guys like to hug is to thank you for helping them out.

Maybe they made a friend and you did something nice for them, or maybe it was just a small thing that you did for them, but oftentimes when people do nice things for others, they want to show their appreciation.

The act of hugging someone is their way of saying thank you.

Anyone who has ever hugged someone will tell you how nice it is, and the same goes for the person they are hugging.

It just makes them feel good to hug someone who has helped them out, and it will also make the other person feel good that someone appreciates everything they do for them.

They Are Attracted To You

If a guy comes up to you and asks for a hug, it could mean that he likes you.

Obviously, this is not the only reason why a guy would want to hug someone, but it is one of them.

If a guy wants to give another girl a hug, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything romantic.

However, if they seem nervous or have been watching you for extended periods of time without saying anything, this could be an indication that they like you.

They Are Friendly

Also, they may just be friendly.

When a guy comes up to you and asks for a hug, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are interested in something romantic.

Some guys just like to greet people when they see them, and some people are just too polite to say no to someone who asks for a hug.

They Are Proud Of You

Another reason why most guys like to hug is that they are proud of you.

Maybe you did something amazing, or maybe you are just doing what they would do in your situation.

Either way, when someone is proud of you for doing something good, they want to show it to someone else.

It is their way of showing your success, and they need the validation that comes with it.

They Want To Feel Secure

Among the other reasons people like to hug each other is because they want to feel secure.

They do not want to let go of the person in case anything bad happens.

Maybe they are scared that you will run away, or scared that you may try to harm them in some way.

Either way, this makes them feel better when they can feel secure in someone else’s arms.

When people love hugging each other, it simply means they are comfortable with the person in question.

You Make Them Smile

Maybe they just want to smile.

When a guy hugs someone, it does not necessarily mean he is attracted to them, or that he wants to romance them.

However, they do want the other person to feel good when they hug them.

If you make one man happy by giving him a hug, he will want to hug you again and again.

That is because you made him feel great for no reason at all, and that makes it enjoyable for him.

They Want To Feel This Way

A lot of people know that when they hug someone they care about, it makes them feel good.

That is because you are not just hugging them because of what they did for you – you are hugging them out of love and affection.

You want to feel this way by hugging someone, and they want to hug you the same way.

They love this feeling, and so they want to do it as much as they can.

They Want To Be Loved By You

Some people may want to hug someone so they can feel loved by them.

Maybe they know you are an amazing person, and it makes them feel wonderful when they can hug you.

Either way, this is why most people want to hug other people – because it makes them feel good when they do it.

They wish that everyone would love them like that, and so for this reason, men like to hug.

They Want You To Be Their Girlfriend

Last but not least, some guys want to hug you because it is their way of showing they want you to be their girlfriend.

Nowadays, hugging is not just about showing gratitude or affection – people hug each other out of love, and that is what this guy wants to do with you.

He likes you very much, and he wishes that you would be his girlfriend.

That is why he wants to hug you, and it will make you feel good if you are willing to be his girlfriend.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why guys like to hug, but the most important reason is that they want to make other people feel good.

They want others to know how much they care about them, and this starts with that hug that they have in mind.

It may not be something romantic that happens between two people in general, but it is simply a way for the one who gives it to feel appreciated by another person.

When someone is willing to hug you, it is important to remember that they are only trying to make you feel good.

They may want something else, but at the end of the day, they just want you to be happy with them.

If you like hugging people, there is probably something more on your mind than just making them feel good.