Man Spots An Adorable Face Peeking Through The Drain Pipe And Realizes He Found His Soul Dog

Man Spots An Adorable Face Peeking Through The Drain Pipe And Realizes He Found His Soul Dog

In a desperate attempt to find shelter from the harsh life of the streets, a little brown pup chose to hide in a drain pipe by the side of a road. Feeling vulnerable and hoping to be rescued, the small pup, later named Charlie, sought comfort in this makeshift hideout.

As fate would have it, drivers sped by, oblivious to her presence, leaving Charlie feeling disheartened and invisible. But unbeknownst to her, her luck was about to change.

Rescue Mission

Rescue Mission

Aubrey V Lynn’s work-from-home day took an unexpected turn when her partner spotted a scared puppy in a drain pipe. Knowing they couldn’t leave the pup alone, they decided to help.

“I was at home working, and my partner was headed to the gym, leaving our neighborhood, when he saw her. He kept driving past and knew he couldn’t just leave her, so [he] turned around and sent me a message,” said Aubrey V Lynn.

Aubrey and her partner faced a challenge: the drain pipe was near a busy road. They feared that if they approached aggressively, the puppy might run into traffic.

The couple had a plan. They visited a local pet store and bought dog food to lure the puppy out of the drain. Unfortunately, the pup, later named Charlie, did not come out even after 24 hours.

“We sat there for hours trying to grab her. She wouldn’t come out, so we went to leave, getting back on our scooter, and she ran right up to us.”

Aubrey quickly picked up Charlie before he could run away. As she held him close, it seemed as if Charlie could feel Aubrey’s love and finally relaxed.

“She calmed immediately and didn’t try to get away.”

Aubrey and her partner’s compassionate act saved Charlie and gave him a chance at a new, loving life.

New Life

Aubrey and her partner brought home an adorable pup named Charlie, unexpectedly adding a new member to their family. At first, they didn’t want a dog, but soon, they couldn’t imagine life without Charlie.

“We never talked about it while trying to rescue her, because our focus was just getting her to safety, but I think both of us knew in that moment that she was a part of our family now.”

In no time, Charlie adjusted to her new environment and showed a strong desire for love and affection.

“[Charlie] adapted really well. We let her sleep and eat in safety for a while and then the first time we went to sit with her, she was timid but warmed up so quickly. You could tell she just wanted to be loved — it was really sweet.”

Watching Charlie happily play in the backyard, Aubrey and her partner could not believe the incredible addition this sweet puppy had become to their family.

Good girl, Charlie!